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Infantry Sperm Whale
3.5 Inch scale
By: Deep Fried Figures

Back in 2009, I had a great interview with Hauke Scheer about his interesting designs and how he was working towards creating action figures. I knew back then that Hauke was onto big things and since that time, he’s developed a ton of fun resin creations that are unlike anything else on the market. Now with MechaWhales, Hauke has a brand new toy available for purchase and it’s definitely an action figure.


Made of PVC, this figure is the first poseable toy from Hauke’s Deep Fried Figures line. The story is that in the future, whales will learn to communicate with humans, eventually leading to whales and mankind teaming up to fight off an alien invasion. Of course, these aren’t your daddy’s whales, they’re whales in biomech armor suits. It’s certainly an “out there” concept, but that’s been one of the staples of Hauke’s creations. Nobody is making toys on the market like this today.


Immediately when I saw this guy, I thought of Battle Beasts. In a lot of ways, this MechaWhale figure is sort of like a giant Battle Beast. Let’s take a look at this “Infantry” whale figure, but first, why not take a peak at the MechaWhales cartoon that Hauke created for this toy line…

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Toy customizer Tony Robles has just launched his own run of designer do-it-yourself toys under his Toro Toys brand. What are those toys? It’s the ChiBOO 5 pack! It’s five little Pacman ghost-like creatures for you to design and create with your own neat twists. As far as opening designs go, this one is pretty simple, but that also helps create a broader brand of customization.

Check out the full press release on where you can get these little bugger, after the cut. But you’d better hurry as they went on sale yesterday and are extremely limited.

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Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl
Mecha Godzilla
5 Inch Scale
By: Bandai America

A couple weeks ago I professed my love for the new Bandai Tokyo Vinyl Godzilla figures. These new toys are designed by renowned vinyl toy artist Touma and are supposed to be mass market versions of “designer” vinyl. It’s sort of interesting for Bandai to get into the designer vinyl market with Godzilla toys, as it’s Bandai’s regular kaiju vinyl figures that more or less created the vinyl movement in the first place.

Regardless of that fact, these stylized designs offer something new to the market and the Godzilla franchise of monsters seem to be the perfect canvas for these types of creations. I was quite thrilled with Godzilla and this is my favorite design of Mechagodzilla, so it’s a match made in heaven, right? Well, you’ll have to read to find out! Continue reading

Avengers Mini Muggs
Hulk (Movie)
3 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro

I love the Hulk. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been fascinated with the character. My brother amassed a huge run of the Hulk comics back in the late 70’s and into the 80’s and I guess that’s part of my connection. I’ve reviewed a lot of Hulk figures on this site. Ang Lee’s Hulk movie is one of my most hated movies of all time and yet, Ed Norton’s Incredible Hulk is arguably my favorite Marvel film. I’ve just always enjoyed the character. I also like Mighty Muggs and always wanted to buy the Hulk figure, but never did.

However, the Mini Muggs I just can’t resist. Especially not little Hulk. He’s just too cute. Yeah, now I buy toys because they’re cute. So sue me. This is one of those instances where this figure is almost the antithesis of what the Hulk is all about and yet, for whatever reason, it works in this format.

I reviewed some Hasbro Mini Muggs two years ago but it seemed after that brief run that the concept was going away. But now they’re back and to tie into the Avengers movie, Hasbro is releasing “movie” figures and regular versions of the Avengers in Mini Mugg form. They’re not that much different, but I really like the movie Hulk Mini Mugg, so let’s take a look at him in detail! Continue reading

Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl
5 Inch Scale
By: Bandai America

I probably should hate everything about this toy, but from the moment I saw it, I loved it. When Bandai unveiled this figure earlier this year, it went under the radar of most folks. The S.H. Monsterarts line is getting a lot of attention and this smaller, oddball vinyl toy wasn’t something a lot of people talked about.

Even I forgot all about it until I saw it on the shelf at my local Toys R Us this past week. Once again I was immediately smitten with the design and picked it and it’s robotic counterpart up. Let’s dive into this cute, chunky, vinyl Godzilla.

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