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Jeff has some great new Minimates to show off today and I couldn’t help but highlight them. Puh puh puh puhlease! These are great!

jessicajudge doom

It’s the curvaceous Jessica Rabbit, with sculpted on curves. Hey we know you can’t have a Jessica without curves! Along with her is the formidable, Judge Doom. I haven’t watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit in years, but between my love of Bob Hoskins and all the great things in that movie, I think it may be time to bust it out and watch again. Jeff’s customs have definitely got me wanting to take a trip back into Toon Town.

Of course, this set is not complete without Roger himself. Jeff did some other great Minimates back in October and we highlighted his work then as well. But now he’s really outdone himself.

roger rabbiteddie valiant

He’s got the whole Roger Rabbit crew in tow. Heck he even found a nice in scale Benny to join in on the fun! I’m always amazed at how people are able to take the Minimate medium and create so many wonderful characters. This is really unique.

benny 2

As always, if you know someone who’s made a great custom or have something neat you’d like to share, email me and maybe it’ll get featured here on Custom Creations Corner!

Our buddy Jeff Brzozowski sent along some spooky new Minimates customs he cranked out this October. Starting with everyone’s favorite worm superhero, Earthworm Jim! Jim might seem like an easy custom to make, but the real trick is making that worm head. Jeff once again showcases his ingenuity and ample ability with this one.

Earthworm Jim Minimate

I particularly like the cartoon eyes. But Jeff wasn’t done there. He’s really taking the Minimates medium to new levels with an entire series of Goonies Minimates!

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Donatello the Playboy

Think you’re seeing double? Think again.

April O'Neil Variant

It has come to my attention that Playmates has released a variant of the April O’Neil figure in the new Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles line. The variant is a simple paint variant and I have no idea if this is as a result of a simple factory error or change in material or if this is a “correction” as the first batch of Aprils were slightly off color model.

Which is the real April O'Neil?

The changes are minor, but you’ll notice that in my April O’Neil Review that my April had reddish orange hair and a slightly dark, muted yellow shirt. The newer Aprils that are shipping out have a more brown color hair and a brighter yellow plastic shirt.

Different Aprils

Given that the color of the shirt has changed (and that requires more than just simply swapping paint) I’m going to assume that Playmates felt that the first run of April O’Neil figures were off model. There are several other changes to the figure that seem to confirm that as well.

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Ninja Turtles Custom NECA Display

Last week we spotlighted the custom NECA Turtles display of our good buddy, Jeff Brzozowski. You can read all about that in our Custom Creations Corner: NECA TMNT Display post. Since that time, Jeff and I have been in contact and we’ve worked to help share not only his brilliant NECA display with the readers of Infinite Hollywood, but also a display for the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles and Playmates Classic TMNT Collection.

Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Display

Remember these are designed to be used with a crystal clear display case which can be found at stores like Hobby Lobby . It measures 7″ x 6″ and the NECA and Playmates Classics need to be turned vertically. These display cases normally cost around $10-$14, but you can get coupons for Hobby Lobby which will nearly cut the price in half.

Ninja Turtles Playmates Classics Display

These PDFs are made at 11 x 17 but you may have to adjust the page size from 8.5 x 11 on your printer. Check your printer settings and it’s probably best to do a test run first.

Ninja Turtles Nickelodeon Display

You can download the full PDF files here, including the extra logos and variant Nick TMNT display area:
Nickelodeon TMNT Display
Classics TMNT Display

If you decide to use these, please link back to this post and be sure to give Jeff and Infinite Hollywood the appropriate credit. These have been provided for free for Turtles fans, so please don’t abuse them.

It’s time once again to shine a spotlight on some of the customs out there and this time we’re looking at something a bit different. Jeff sent along this great piece featuring his NECA Ninja Turtles. He created this custom display using the vintage Eastman/Laird art.

I started out with a ‘crystal clear’ display case from the local Hobby Lobby that would house all four turtles, measuring 7″ x 6″ turned vertically. To give two of the turtles height (to appear leaping in midair) I found some bendable metal wire in the train aisle and drilled holes into some wooden circular discs large enough to support the balancing figure. I painted the disc gray and glued a NYC man hole cover on top.

Next, I scanned in a page from my old Mirage TMNT book 1- the vertical panel that shows the turtles escape after defeating the purple dragon gang. I scaled the image in photoshop, printed it and attached it to the back of the display along with a similar graphic for them to stand on. I’m very happy with how this display turned out and have started working on a similar display for the Classics line (using art from the arcade game) and the new Nick toon. Let me know if you are interested in making your own display or sharing it with others on your site. I’ll gladly provide the files for fellow turtle fans.

Awesome work Jeff! I am loving this display. I imagine a lot of folks will take some inspiration from this. Very well done!

That’s it for this edition of Custom Creations Corner, but if you have a cool custom you want spotlighted, drop us a line and maybe you could be featured right here!