With Halloween just right around the corner, it’s fun to look back at costumes of old. While we’ve covered this in the past, today I have a treat from the mid 1960’s that’s sure to interest you. These classic costumes were available for kids and were sold more like toys than Halloween costumes, although they were definitely marketed for kids to use at Halloween as well.

Old Batman Costume
I really like the details here in the Batman costume (which had a separate utility belt to purchase) and the fact that we see some oddball characters featured, like Captain America and Zorro. This really gives a glimpse into what was popular during this period. A “Daniel Boone” style frontier man and an astronaut are a given. These are far superior to the Ben Cooper Halloween costumes of the period and if you wore one of these outfits on October 31st, you were probably the coolest kid in town!

Welcome to our exclusive C2E2 Day 2 recap. While the period for early entry was shorter today, it was definitely worth it. Once the show opened to the general public it became packed. Much of the stuff I had seen yesterday and thought about buying today was quickly snatched up. There were two to three times as many people on Saturday as there had been the day before.

I stopped back by the Mattel booth as one of my first stops to get a few more pictures of stuff I had missed the day before or didn’t get great shots of. Also took a picture of Catra’s bio after some convincing of someone in the booth had caused them to turn the package around so people could see it. Matty quickly beat me to the punch though, posting it to their Facebook.

To bookend what I said yesterday, Mattel really should have had regular versions of the Ghostbusters available. They would have sold quite well I think. JLU was barely moving at all. Definitely seems that everyone is apathetic to JLU these days.

I mostly took Cosplay pics as there were a ton more people in costume today. I saw a new Power Girl (different than yesterday’s) and she was actually better I think. No pantyhose/tights on this one, which is pretty ballsy. I only saw her once though, so she didn’t quite know how to master getting everyone in the con to pay attention to her like the girl the day previous. I suspect had Power Girl A and Power Girl B had a wrestling match in their costumes, they would have drawn a crowd sizeable to C2E2.

Which brings me to the realization that there are a ton of people in costumes but I swear it seemed like 60/40 in favor of women in costumes. I really wasn’t trying to be a pervy guy taking photos (GF noticed several guys doing this, no surprise) but I kept running into women in cool costumes. Moreso than the men. Kudos ladies.

Some of my favorites were the old school Batman/Superman combo. Both guys looked to be near 50, but were in vintage era shape. It made their costumes seem more authentic in that sense. Like if 1960’s wrestlers played Batman and Superman. I also noticed the really bizarre practice of making someone in your group take a picture with the character/cosplayer. It made it almost impossible to get clean shots of many people.

The Godzilla costume was pretty awesome. I believe I’ve seen it before on the net, but was pretty fun to see in person. Poor guy was sweating a ton, though. There were about 8 Monarch Henchmen running around the con, but only one really shoddy looking Monarch. No Dr. Girlfriends either. There was a pretty sexy Asian girl donning a Sailor Moon outfit, but I opted to take pictures of the guy in the Sailor Moon outfit instead.

The Thor Panel was okay, but it was clear the guy playing Thor wasn’t chosen for his fondness for comics. He was a nice guy though. The Walking Dead panel was a blast with Jon Bernthal (The guy who plays Shane) making everyone laugh for about 5 minutes straight as he tried to explain a process of acting and ended up making one sexual pun after another. Not intentionally mind you. He eventually threw his hands up in the air, giving up in jest. The actors were polar opposite though, with his female costar being very serious. There was also a room set up for several hundred (but only ever had about 50 guys) for live Dungeons and Dragons playing. These were where the real nerds hung out.

Even though Day 2 was a lot more hectic, I definitely enjoyed myself more. It was very, very crowded on Day 2. Met up with a couple of the Orccacast guys. We made fun of Mattel in their own booth. We did it out of love, of course. The panels were fun, if not terrible informative (lots of people ask really absurd and downright dumb questions in these things) and I managed to snag some Doctor Who figures. Nothing rare, just stuff I have held off on buying. Tomorrow I’ll post up my final thoughts and recap along with any leftover goodies.

Here’s a link to more photos though, nearly 120 in all including tons that weren’t posted up here. Sexy cosplay girls, Mattel and Diamond toys, neat Star Wars stuff and all sorts of comic nerdery: C2E2 Day 2 Gallery

Photos Credit IH Photographer (Beth Tague) (C)

You know what’s great? Classic Halloween stuff. Long before the holiday became so main stream, it had certain aspects to it that really seemed unique. I love to look at old pictures of when I was a kid and even when my parents were kids during Halloween. It’s great to romance on those eras long gone by…

Except… A lot of old Halloween pictures are downright SCARY! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, costumes, makeup, special effects have come a long way in the past 50 years. Yet I haven’t seen a single costume in years that scares the crap out of me more than these old pictures.

That’s some seriously creepy stuff.

I used to have nightmares about a witch. Guess what? Now I will again.

And what the hell is going on here? I don’t even want to know. Because it’s clearly, pure evil. She looks like a little girl Roger Ebert from hell.

Welcome to Infinite Hollywood’s 31 Days of Halloween! All this month we’re going to celebrating October’s holiday with a spooktacular filled with macabre and mischief. We’ll review special figures with a Halloween theme as well as look at toys, games, costumes, TV and movies that relate to horror and All Hallow’s Eve.

Today I’m taking a look at some of the fun Halloween stuff that’s out at Target. It’s only October the 1st and already most retail stores are chocked full of Halloween goodies. Second only to Christmas, Halloween has more stuff at retail than anywhere. Just a few years ago it seems like Halloween was a small holiday and now it’s moved up to #2 thanks to all the stuff stores sell.

Target is particularly good at marketing Halloween with tons of awesome junk for you to buy. This is just a sampling of some of my recent finds. Some good, some bad and some just absurd.

First up we have what I would consider a pretty cool kids costume. This is of a generic werewolf. A lot of the time now we’re seeing kids costumes toned down so that they aren’t scary. When I was a kid you went trick-or-treating as a monster of some sort more often than not. So it’s good to see a violent monster costume for sale still.

You know, I’ve never been a werewolf for Halloween. I was the Big Bad Wolf once, but never a werewolf. My cousin had a cool werewolf costume one time many, many moons ago. It had glowing red eyes. This costume isn’t quite as good as that one was, but for $25 this is a pretty awesome and scary kids costume.

Next we have a Batman costume that sucks. Seriously, if you wore this you wouldn’t feel like Batman you’d feel like his new sidekick Corky. The goofy looking kid advertising it doesn’t help either. I like that it comes with a “Muscle chest” but that seems to be overdone these days.

Batman has to be one of the oldest costumes, dating back to the Ben Cooper days and yet they’ve never managed to make a decent kids Batman costume. I was Batman one year for Halloween and I had a pretty decent costume for a kids version, but I saw a lot of suck Batmans that year and it seems as though sucky Batman costumes still permeate the market.

Speaking of suck costumes, check out this GI Joe costume. Wearing this costume will get you beat up by the neighborhood kids. First off, why does wearing this costume make your kid have a giant head?! Seriously, look at the melon on that boy! I also have no idea what this costume is even supposed to be of. It shows Snake Eyes on the cover, but I’ll assume that’s supposed to be one of those Joe supersuits from the new movie. For $30 it’s an easy pass, get your kid the Werewolf costume instead.

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