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Sea Ghost Figure
Our good friend Jay Piscopo and the folks at Nemo Publishing are once again teaming up with Capt’n Eli to introduce another action figure to the world! You may recall my love affair with Commander X, Piscopo’s other Mego-like figure. Jay has created a whole world of amazing characters that harken back to the days when comic books had more adventure and fun within the panels. Jay has worked with Dr. Mego to create several versions of Commander X in figure form, but now he is officially announcing the popular Sea Ghost figure!

What makes Sea Ghost so special, is that he’s such a great nod to Alex Toth’s designs. Jay has such a love and passion for these types of characters and Sea Ghost really seems to have an incredible appeal. I reviewed the first Sea Ghost comic a couple of years ago and I am so excited to see this character finally come to life as an action figure.

And if you pre-order now, you can snag this guy for only $16! That’s $4 off the regular pirce. You can’t hardly find any Mego figures for that price, much less one that’s so awesome. Sea Ghost is a completely original character that’s growing as a property all the time. Support independent artists and pick this figure up for yourself, your kids or anybody you know! I’ve already put in my pre-orders for a few! Quantities are limited so get this guy while you can!

And while you’re over at the Capt’n Eli Homepage, you can pick up some of Jay’s comics for discount prices. Sea Ghost #1 is there, along with the two Capt’n Eli Graphic novels, which feature Commander X and the Sea Ghost! Continue reading

Commander X All-Star Special

Back in August we reviewed the Commander X All-Star Special comic book from Nemo Publishing. This 40 page special edition comic has three major Commander X adventures within it. Well now, we’re giving a few copies away to readers! How do you win a copy?

Submit a photo you’ve taken of one of the many Commander X toys or draw a picture of the good Commander. All of the entries will be shown off here at a later date and a couple of them will be chosen to receive a free copy of the Commander X All-Star Special!

You can even send in pictures of custom Commander X characters if you’ve made them in Mego style. It’s all part of our Mego Month celebration. So send in those photos and drawings of Commander X for your chance to win!

Send your photo via email to:
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Good luck and let’s get some creative entries!

Commander X All-Star Special
Commander X
All-Star Special
40 Pages
Written and Illustrated by Jay Piscopo

Last month I mentioned the release of the Commander X All-Star Special, a new comic from the folks at Nemo Publishing. Longtime readers of Infinite Hollywood probably know that I have a soft spot for Commander X, the pulp inspired golden age hero. Jay Piscopo has a way about his work that doesn’t just seem like it’s influenced from the comics of yesteryear, but rather as if it was plucked right out of that era.

This 40 page special edition comic includes three stories and fans of the Commander will recognize these tales from other comics. That’s okay though because they’ve never looked sharper or more crisp than in this All-Star Special. This serves as a great launching point for new fans or kids who are just starting to get exposed to the world of comics. Although the Commander X stories are retro-inspired, there’s enough modern storytelling sensibility throughout that you never feel like you’re reading something that’s been dumbed down or is tongue in cheek. Because Jay keeps it old school, this comic is family friendly and safe for all ages to read. After all, it is approved by the Cosmic Code Authority!

Commander X Yeti

The first story, The Guardian of Tantaus, takes place in Tibet in 1939. If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones and old movie serials, you’ll especially get a kick out of this one. Commander X is sent into the snowy climate to stop one of his old enemies, the Red Octopus, who is working with the Nazis to trap the abominable snowman. The Commander encounters Nazis, Tibetan monks and of course, the one big ol’ mean Yeti!

You may recall that I paid tribute to this story back in 2009, with my own little Commander X Figure Comic, so this one is definitely a classic. It was great reading it again and seeing the story just seemingly leap off the page with each turn. I must admit, this is still one of my favorite Commander X stories.

Commander X, Sea Raider

The second story is called Allies and recounts the time that Commander X first met Sea Ghost, who was going by the moniker Sea Raider during World War II. This story really oozes that classic Jonny Quest, Hanna-Barbera cartoon feel and it’s also heavily influenced by the old Aquaman comics. It definitely has some art nods to Ramona Fradon and Paul Norris, while the story is a fun underwater romp that also serves to make you want to buy the Commander X Undersea Knight toy.

Commander X War-Beast

The final story, Wake of the War-Beast, is one part Godzilla movie and one part 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Piscopo manages to weave the genres together perfectly for a highly exciting nautical adventure. While the previous story was underwater as well, this one is all about submarines and naval maneuvers. There’s also a little bit of magic, sci-fi and superstition peppered in for good measure.

All in all, the Commander X All-Star Special is a nostalgic adventure through several Commander X stories all cobbled together into one big book of awesome. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re like me and are tired of the same short modern comics where you have to buy 4-5 comics to get a complete adventure.

At $3.99 you can’t go wrong with this comic. That’s basically 10 cents per page. Not to mention that there’s some beautiful pin-ups (as always in a Nemo Publishing book) and lots of fun, simple and exciting adventures for readers young and old. You can visit the Capt’n Eli Homepage where you can order the comic direct and learn more about the world of Capt’n Eli, Commander X and Sea Ghost.

You can also ask for this book by name at your local comic shop and give them the DIAMOND CODE: AUG12122 so they can order it for their shop. Plus be on the lookout here at Infinite Hollywood, as we’re planning a special giveaway of a Commander X comic coming soon!

Commander X Triumphant

I’ve mentioned before how I love Commander X and the folks at Nemo Publishing have just sent along some huge news! Commander X is getting a brand new comic book! Jay Piscopo knows how to capture the Golden Age of comics like nobody else and Commander X is an odyessy of nostalgia and fun. I’ve loved everything with the Commander so far and this new comic sounds jam packed with awesomeness. Here’s the press release:

Commander X goes solo in an all new “Commander X All-Star Special” comic book!

Up next: Commander X will take to the skies in a cross-over comic with Captain Midnight…

PORTLAND, MAINE (July 31, 2012) Return to the Golden Age of high adventure with Commander X in three tales featuring giant monsters, robots, mystery and action. The stories in this 40 page, full color comic book are told in the spirit of the great adventure yarns of the 1930s and 1940s and take place from Tibet, to the Sargasso Sea, to the Sea of Japan. Written and illustrated by Jay Piscopo, this “Commander X All-Star Special” recaptures the excitement and energy of the Golden Age of comics when superheroes were born; featuring fast paced stories, science fiction gadgets, bright colors and breakneck action.

Commander X All-Star Special

“In the sea, in the air, and on the land Commander X delivers the kind of ‘all in color for a dime’ entertainment that’s missing in comics,” noted award-winning comic book writer and editor Brian Augustyn.

“This comic book is an homage that recaptures the magic of the pulps and Golden Age of comics with a modern twist,” said Piscopo. “Our hero, Commander X, is a classic comic strip and movie serial hero with some high tech gizmos and time travel thrown in.”

Retailers can order “Commander X All-Star Special” from Diamond’s August Previews (DIAMOND CODE: AUG121224 — Look for the Diamond Spotlight on page 323).

For even more on Commander X you can visit their official Commander X website and be sure to check out some of the coverage we’ve given Commander X at Infinite Hollywood through the years. I love these figures and the comics!

“Fans first met Commander X in “Capt’n Eli,” then they got to experience him as a limited edition Mego-style action figure, and now they get to see him in his own one-shot comic book,” continued Piscopo. “Next, fans will get to see him team up with the legendary Captain Midnight.”

This December, Nemo Publishing and Moonstone Books will publish a cross-over one shot comic book featuring Commander X with the renowned Captain Midnight. This 28 page, full-color book will be written by longtime DC Comics writer and editor Brian Augustyn. Artwork and co-plotting will be by Piscopo.

Commander X in part of Piscopo’s Nemoverse of characters and is an integral part of his “Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli” graphic novel series. The tales in “Commander X All-Star Special” provide clues to some of the mysteries about Commander X uncovered in the first two volumes of “Capt’n Eli” and give hints to what’s to come in Volume 3, which will be released this winter

In the story “The Guardian of Tantarus,” the Red Octopus and the Axis powers want super weapons from Atlantis. Can Commander X stop them?

In “Allies,” fans meet Commander X as the Undersea Knight. This version of Commander X is also available as a limited edition Mego-style action figure (

“With this collectible figure, we’ve captured the nostalgic feeling of a special toy that could take you into another universe,” continued Piscopo. “Seeing Commander X in his Undersea Knight uniform really sparks the imagination.”

In “Wake of the War Beast,” Commander X and his scarlet-clad ally, the mysterious Circe, Sorceress of the Sea, team up to subdue an ancient sea monster in the Sea of Japan.

Ordering information:
“Commander X All-Star Special”
Published by Nemo Publishing
Written and illustrated by Jay Piscopo
40 pages | Full-color | $3.99
Order from August Diamond Previews
Look for the Diamond Spotlight on page 323

While I wait for Mattel to send me the monthly Q&A answers, which they’ve already sent out to some sites, but apprently not us… It’s time for some general toy news. This is a new column, where I’ll give you updates on various things.

  • Speaking of Mattel, today was the first on sale date for the 2012 MOTUC subscription. Do to a ton of logistics hiccups, the first figures shipping are the Star Sisters 3 pack. According to our in the field reporters, this was the first MOTUC sale in history to have no WSOD. Likewise, enthusiasm seems at an all-time low for this set of figures, especially as it arrives on the wave of various other customer service issues with Mattel. Will the Star Sisters become the worst selling MOTUC item to date? Mo-Larr sure hopes so.
  • Mezco Toyz have confirmed that their Earthworm Jim figure will launch in July of 2012. You may recall that Mezco originally announced this figure way back at SDCC 2011. No word on why the figure has taken nearly a year to get to market, but Mezco promises that the 6 inch scale Earthworm Jim will feature 8 points of articulation and not only with his plasma blaster, but with an alternate “bendy” unsuited worm body as well. Several websites have erroneously posted up news that Mezco is making a 3 inch Earthworm Jim. That appears to be nothing more than an error on the part of those sites.
  • The limited edition Knight Avenger Commander X which launched on Christmas Eve, is still for sale at the Capt’n Eli website. Remember that the figure normally retails for $19.95 but is on sale for $15 until the 15th of February. The sale is also good for all previous Commander X figures, such as 1950’s Commander X. Be sure to tell them Infinite Hollywood sent you if you pick up one of these spiffy throwback figures.
  • 3A’s Ashley Wood has confirmed that the upcoming F-Legion Cyborg figure does NOT have a moustache, despite the preview pictures seemingly containing one. This will no doubt disappoint a lot of 3A fans who believed that the figure did, but likewise may please others. The moustache was the subject of much discussion and artwork during the recent 3AA membership drive (which has expired now) but the figure’s full visage has yet to be seen. This exclusive is scheduled to ship in April.
  • Glyos has a big sale coming up this Friday where they will unleash the new Gendrone Revolution: Shock Force figures, as well as man others. These guys tend to sell out fast, so be ready to get them on Friday or else you’ll be without. Full details on all the figures being released on this mission drop can be found here.
  • The Crystar inspired Backyard Legends: Action Figures of Yore are reportedly in the final stages of QC testing and are on target for a 2012 release. Those who originally invested in the project via Kickstarter will be the first to get their figures, with online retail variants to come. We first covered the legends back in December of 2010, so these figures are definitely long anticipated.