The folks over at TeeFury have this awesome T-shirt up for order. If you don’t know how TeeFury works, it’s pretty simple: Every day they have a new geek themed T-shirt for sale, often exclusive to the store and it’s up for only 24 hours. After that it’s gone forever.

This tee only cost me $12 shipped, so I thought it was a pretty good deal. You can have it in any color you’d like, so long as it’s blue. While they’ve definitely had better designs in their run, I found this one to really speak to the “children of the 80’s” with it’s shadowy designs of classic 1980’s toys. This is a shirt you could wear out in public and it wouldn’t immediately register with most people, but true fellow brethren will immediately get it.

If you miss out on the 24 hour deadline, this t-shirt can actually be had at the artist’s own website, really available in any color, but the price there is $25 before shipping. I’d say it’s worth picking up at TeeFury’s price and if you do, tell em’ Infinite Hollywood sent ya.

*- I was not paid, bribed or coerced into this post.