Vinyl Pop Holidays Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

Just the other day we reviewed Rudolph of the Funko Vinyl Pop figures and today we check in with Kris Kringle himself. If you’ve been good this year, ol’ Saint Nick is likely on his way to you later tonight.


And if you’ve been bad… Well maybe you can just buy this Funko vinyl and hope for a better result next year!

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Counter 2
Unfortunately I’ve been dragging my feet on updating about Infinite Toys For Tots, but since it’s almost Christmas I figure I had best update. I know a lot of you have been emailing me or sending me messages with donations, but haven’t seen the counter move. I’ve just been very swamped with other stuff to update the counter.

The good news is, I finally got her updated! Even better news is that we’ve reached 25 donations and I’ve matched them to make it a total of 50 donations! Most stores took up their Toys For Tots bins this weekend, so if you’re still looking to donate, make sure to visit their website: Toys For Tots Locations to find out if there’s anywhere around you that you can still donate.

Don’t forget you can do an online donation as well (several people have) and we’ll match you with one in return!


And for the sake of keeping things on the level, here’s a few photos of me out matching some donations. I didn’t take a photo for each one but I wanted to let you guys know that we’ve done some great work this year. I don’t know if we’ll reach our unofficial goal of 30 donations by Christmas, but we’ve come darn close and I must say some of the stuff folks have donated this year has been really great.


We also did our annual Angel Tree donations. I’ve mentioned this each year, but if you don’t know about the Angel Tree program, the basis is that you choose a needy kid (or a family) and buy them gifts. You don’t know anything about the person, other than their age, sex and a few of their wants. This year we upped ourselves to a family of three kids. Personally I like to do the younger kids, but our kids were a bit older this year. Older kids deserve a good Christmas too, though.

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Wow, I wasn’t sure we were going to make our total this year, but a last minute surge really put us over the line. Our goal this year was 30 donations, but we actually got 31! You guys rock! With your 30 donations and my 30 donation matches, we donated 60 times to Toys for Tots this year! How great is that?

Not only did we donate, you guys really pushed me to donate some great things because you guys donated some INCREDIBLE toys. Like the Imaginext deluxe dinosaur, wicked cool GI Joes, some awesome Hot Wheels and lots of cool Transformers and Godzilla toys. You guys are amazing and you’ve made Infinite Toys for Tots a huge success.

Here’s just a sampling of pictures that some of you guys sent in. I cut everyone’s head off, so nobody would feel embarrassed. Except for Wes out old pal from ScaryCrayon, cause he likes seeing his smiling face all over the internet! We also got lots of people sending in receipts that they made in donations directly to Toys for Tots. Our own Bill White sent in a generous receipt as well! We got great people working for a great goal!

I really appreciate all the donations and it was very tough to keep up with you guys. But I don’t know about you all, but it makes me feel very good that the toy loving community were able to get together and do this. I have high hopes for next year as well! Thanks again everyone!

Lego City
Advent Calendar
1.7 Inch Scale
By: Lego

Today’s review is not your typical toy review. Instead it’s the start of 24 different mini reviews. All my life I’ve wanted to do an advent calendar, but as a kid I never got to do one. I don’t think I even really discovered they existed until I was probably too old to do one anyway… Well technically I’m too old now, but you know what I mean. I think about as close as I came to an advent calendar was those old 7-Up Santa Calendars where you put a new cotton ball on his beard each day.

Anyway, every year I think about getting one, but I usually don’t remember until it’s 15 days into December. This year I remembered and when I saw that Lego had their own little pre-made advent calendar in the stores, I jumped. So from now until Christmas, join me each day as we share this advent calendar, my first ever, TOGETHER!

If you don’t know an advent calendar is basically a countdown to Christmas, with a new little gift of some sort each day. The third annual Christmas in Hollywood gets started with a bang, as day one of the Lego advent calendar starts now…

Before I reveal the prize, I should go over the general box in this first review, since each additional review will only be about the items containted in the calendar day. It’s a really colorful package and the box itself turns into the calendar. You simply cut some tape and lift the top flap to reveal the Christmas scene.

The fold out portion is actually pretty neat because it’s very colorful and creates a base for your Lego winter wonderland. It might only be cardboard, but it’s a nice inclusion regardless.

Day 1:
Unlike some advent calendars, the Lego City Advent Calendar isn’t arranged in order. Instead the days are randomly scattered about. It took me a minute to find the first day.

When you pull open the flap, you see a little picture of what you’re getting. Today it looks like we’re getting a crook.

I must admit that a burglar or escaped convict is a bit of a strange way to start a Christmas countdown, but hey who am I to doubt Lego?

He’s pretty easy to assemble and is actually a neat little guy. I haven’t bought a Lego in decades, but I know they’re a lot more elaborate these days. That said, this guy definitely harkens back to the older Legos in that he’s fairly simple.

“Doctor… Doctor WHO?!”

There are some nice details on his shirt, which is actually prison garb. You can see the beginning of his inmate number. The gold tooth is equally a nice touch. He also comes with a little white plastic piece. I’m not sure what it’s for. I assume another day will reveal more of this mystery.

You can reverse his scarf and make it more like he’s a bandit in the old west of something. Anyway, that’s about it. Pretty simple figure for day one. Tune in tomorrow to see more of the advent-ure unfold!

Infinite Toys For Tots is back! Last year we did Infinite Toys For Tots and gave away hundreds of dollars in prizes and dontated tons of money and toys to Toys For Tots. This year, we’re doing it again! However this year there are some BIG changes!

Last year a lot of people commented and emailed me with concerns for both anonymity and the “contest” portion of Infinite Toys For Tots. I wrongly assumed that people perhaps needed to be swayed to donate. We listened to your suggestions but we still wanted to make sure we did this right and covered everyone’s concerns. So this year we’re doing less of a contest and more of a drive!

Starting today, until the 31st of December we’re challenging you, the thousands of Infinite Hollywood readers (and any other websites that would like to spread the word about our cause) to donate to Toys For Tots in any of your local locations or online. Rather then spend money on prizes, instead we’re going to MATCH every donation you report to Infinite Toys For Tots!

We will match your donation, with a donation (we will not be matching in monetary value, simply in a donation) and with your help we can give Santa Claus that extra hand he needs this year. All you need to do is send me proof that you donated, then we will double the donation by going out to donate to our local Toys For Tots each time you donate!

I’m hoping to have at least 30 donations, which would then in turn become 60 donations from our little Infinite Toys For Tots drive… 30 is the goal, but infinite is the limit! Here’s how to enter:

Take a picture of yourself donating to a Toys for Tots drop off box. These include the Toys for Tots bins at local Toys R’ Us locations, as well as other areas. Your photo doesnt have to show your face, simply take a photo of you donating something. This is purely to prove a donation did occur, your photo will not be used, posted or made public.

The second option is to send proof of an online cash donation to their website (they do send you a email receipt that can be forwarded). They take multiple forms of payment and your receipt will remain anonymous!

Your donations, amounts, names, faces and information will remain completely confidential. We will simply mark on our counter each time we recieve notification of a donation and then we will go out and make a matching donation later that week.

All entries must be emailed to NewtonGimmick AT!

If you don’t know where a Toys For Tots location is, check their website: Toys For Tots Locations and any Toys R Us or Babies R Us are considered to be “national” drop offs – otherwise the actual website will give you someone local to contact.

Conversely, you can donate cash online. This is a SUPER easy way to share the love this holiday season. They take every sort of form of payment, including PayPal. Forward the receipt to my email address (NewtonGimmick AT above and you can also be entered in the contest. A lot of people are choosing to enter this way. You can do this every day up until the 31st of December. DO IT NOW! Every donation counts, no matter if its only a $5 or $10 amount. The idea is to help needy kids. Every little bit goes towards that.

We’re helping make a difference this holiday season in some little boy or girl’s life. Together we can double our donating power this season!

Entries must be received by 12/31/11 in order to qualify.

If you run a website and would like to link to this post, please use one of the following graphics and link back to this post, to help me get the word out about giving to Toys For Tots this holiday season. Any and all help is appreciated.

This drive is not sponsored nor endorsed by Toys For Tots. If someone from Toys For Tots would like to endorse this contest, that’s fine with me.

The Infinite Toys For Tots Drive is open anywhere there is a Toys For Tots drop off box. If you can’t donate to Toys for Tots (If you live in the UK or another country), exceptions can be made on a case by case basis to donate to other worthy causes. Email your requests for exceptions to newtongimmick AT with the subject heading “Infinite Toys For Tots Exception Request” as the subject line.

If you are donating to any other drives or contests (such as Geeks For Tots), that’s okay too. You are still eligible for the Infinite Toys For Tots 2011 Drive, just make sure to send us a photo of your donation or a receipt and let us know that you’re also participating in another drive/contest.

Please don’t send in fake photos of other folks donating. The idea is to have our little community working together for a good cause and we at Infinite Hollywood are matching donations purely out of our own pocketbook, so please play fair.