Christmas Toys

Old Man Winter

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Winter Warlock
8 Inch Scale
By: Playing Mantis
$9.99 (Back in the day)
It’s time for another Toy Advent Calendar review! Be sure to visit the Toy Advent Calendar each day for a new toy review from a ton of different contributors! I was sleeping at the wheel with this one, but it’s a long time coming!

Winter Warlock Figure
If you’re living anywhere like me, you’ve been hit by the frigid weather, icy conditions and a metric ton of snow this year. That must mean the old Winter Warlock is up to his tricks. Or at least, that’s how it seems. Back at the turn of the century, toy companies were able to crank out action figures of just about every property under the sun. That allowed Playing Mantis to create a line of figures devoted to the Rankin-Bass holiday classic, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

The Winter Warlock is the crown jewel in that lineup. So let’s take a look at this frosty fiend and see if this is an older figure worth hunting down. Continue reading

Vinyl Pop Holidays Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

Just the other day we reviewed Rudolph of the Funko Vinyl Pop figures and today we check in with Kris Kringle himself. If you’ve been good this year, ol’ Saint Nick is likely on his way to you later tonight.


And if you’ve been bad… Well maybe you can just buy this Funko vinyl and hope for a better result next year!

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Funko Rudolph Review
Vinyl Pop Holidays Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

It’s Christmas time once again. Here at Infinite Hollywood, we love Christmas. So today I’m taking a look at some of the holiday Pop vinyls from Funko. These came out last year, but I only managed to review the Bumble last year, so this year I wanted to get the rest of the crew. They made quite a few different Christmas vinyls based on the old Rankin-Bass animated movies, but they only made 3 Rudolph characters. Rudolph, Santa Claus and the Bumble.


Of course this year, they’ve added Yukon Cornelius, Hermie and the Misfit Elephant to the mix. Maybe we’ll review those next year! Anyway, here’s Rudolph himself! Just in time to lead Santa through a foggy Christmas Eve.

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Santa League 3

The big guy is on his way! What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

This week the League wants to know what’s on my Christmas list? Well, I have to say that I don’t have much in mind. Typically around this time of year I have lots of wants. I normally could rattle off a dozen different things that I want. But this year? Not so much.

Sure there are things I could enjoy, but there’s almost nothing out there that I really, really want. This holiday season has been very stressful for me. Between a variety of charities, buying for some family members and doing donation drives like Infinite Toys For Tots, I’ve been far more into giving than receiving this year. Trust me, I’m shocked too. Normally I’m pretty selfish, ya know?

I feel pretty lucky this time of year, as I have darn near everything I could want. I suspect there’s also a big part of me that has some apathy towards everything that’s currently in the toy aisles. I get more excited about older lines than I do current stuff.Honestly, I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever I get.

I am hopeful I might get some Adventure Team stuff from my Secret Santa and beyond that, I’ve pretty much left things to chance. My GF is planning some sort of big surprise for me, but I haven’t the foggiest clue what it could be. Likewise, I don’t expect anyone else in my family to get me anything “cool”. This year will probably be the least toy filled year I’ve had in quite some time. I think that says a lot about where my toy collecting habits are these days.

But I have to put something on this wish list, don’t I? I won’t do anything lame like “world peace” or whatever, because that’s no fun. This is supposed to be a WISH list. Something extravagant and rare… Hmm…


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Lego City
Advent Calendar
1.7 Inch Scale
By: Lego

Today’s review is not your typical toy review. Instead it’s the start of 24 different mini reviews. All my life I’ve wanted to do an advent calendar, but as a kid I never got to do one. I don’t think I even really discovered they existed until I was probably too old to do one anyway… Well technically I’m too old now, but you know what I mean. I think about as close as I came to an advent calendar was those old 7-Up Santa Calendars where you put a new cotton ball on his beard each day.

Anyway, every year I think about getting one, but I usually don’t remember until it’s 15 days into December. This year I remembered and when I saw that Lego had their own little pre-made advent calendar in the stores, I jumped. So from now until Christmas, join me each day as we share this advent calendar, my first ever, TOGETHER!

If you don’t know an advent calendar is basically a countdown to Christmas, with a new little gift of some sort each day. The third annual Christmas in Hollywood gets started with a bang, as day one of the Lego advent calendar starts now…

Before I reveal the prize, I should go over the general box in this first review, since each additional review will only be about the items containted in the calendar day. It’s a really colorful package and the box itself turns into the calendar. You simply cut some tape and lift the top flap to reveal the Christmas scene.

The fold out portion is actually pretty neat because it’s very colorful and creates a base for your Lego winter wonderland. It might only be cardboard, but it’s a nice inclusion regardless.

Day 1:
Unlike some advent calendars, the Lego City Advent Calendar isn’t arranged in order. Instead the days are randomly scattered about. It took me a minute to find the first day.

When you pull open the flap, you see a little picture of what you’re getting. Today it looks like we’re getting a crook.

I must admit that a burglar or escaped convict is a bit of a strange way to start a Christmas countdown, but hey who am I to doubt Lego?

He’s pretty easy to assemble and is actually a neat little guy. I haven’t bought a Lego in decades, but I know they’re a lot more elaborate these days. That said, this guy definitely harkens back to the older Legos in that he’s fairly simple.

“Doctor… Doctor WHO?!”

There are some nice details on his shirt, which is actually prison garb. You can see the beginning of his inmate number. The gold tooth is equally a nice touch. He also comes with a little white plastic piece. I’m not sure what it’s for. I assume another day will reveal more of this mystery.

You can reverse his scarf and make it more like he’s a bandit in the old west of something. Anyway, that’s about it. Pretty simple figure for day one. Tune in tomorrow to see more of the advent-ure unfold!