Betty Crocker

Ninja Turtles Fruit Snacks
I consider myself a bit of a fruit snack connoisseur. Through the years I’ve eaten tons of these rubbery, “fruit” products. Oddly enough, as a child I almost never had fruit snacks. It just wasn’t the sort of thing my parents would allow in the grocery budget. Once I started buying my own food though, fruit snacks became a staple.

Donatello and April
In the early 90’s a company named Farley’s made TMNT fruit snacks. In 2003, Betty Crocker got the green machine to do another round of fruit snacks. Now here we are in 2013 and the turtles are once again in fruit snack form. These fruit snacks seem much more a kindred spirit in shape and design to the vintage Farley’s fruit snacks despite once again being made by Betty Crocker.

The side of the box shows off the shapes and flavors of the six various Ninja Turtles fruit snacks. It’s interesting to note that this is more flavors and shapes than the 2003 version, but not as many as the 1990’s version. I like that these are simple designs as opposed to the more overly complex shapes.

Fruit Rat
This is also only the second time that Splinter has appeared as a fruit snack. He was a late addition to the original 1990’s fruit snacks after the second TMNT film. Sadly the snack of Splinter looks more like a hovercraft or the Batmobile than the Turtle’s sensai. Continue reading

Earlier this month during our Halloween celebration I reviewed the breakfast cereal of champions zombies, Franken Berry. As I mentioned in my Review of Franken Berry, it was one of my favorite cereals growing up. So when I saw that Fruit Roll-Ups had a special Franken Berry flavor, I just had to try it!

The box sports a big ol’ picture of Frankie on the front. The picture looks like some of the older artwork they used to use for Franken Berry, as opposed to the computer generated Frank on the current General Mills boxes. It’s worth noting that there is also a Boo Berry flavor, but no Count Chocula flavor. I guess they can’t make artificial chocolate roll-ups. Fatties everywhere are bound to be upset by this news.

Inside is your metallic pink baggy with the Fruit Roll-Up inside. Actual fruit roll-ups are healthy when made with real fruit. These ones from Betty Crocker, not so much. They only have 50 calories which is way less than a can of pop, but they claim to be a “Great source of Vitamin C” when in all actuality they only provide a paltry 10%. Don’t skip your vitamins for Fruit Roll-Ups, kids.

The Roll-Up is then wrapped in a thin sheet of plastic. This prevents the fruity goodness from sticking together. Don’t be the poor sap who eats the plastic.

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