Barbarian Man

Daniel Benedict, creator of a lot of popular Masters of the Universe fan films is nearly over the hump on his new Kickstarter project, a retro 80’s horror film called “The Bloody Man”. Based off a concept that Benedict created when he was a kid, The Bloody Man promises to be part Friday the 13th, part Fright Night, part Nightmare on Elm Street and all parts fun! To make the movie even more authentic, classic Nightmare actresses Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox will be part of the film. Along with Mercedez Varble, Roni Jonah and the lovely Katy Cusick.

But perhaps the coolest part of the Bloody Man film is Zoloworld working with them to create an exclusive action figure that’s going to be a big part of the film. Barbarian Man, is quite similar to Krysis, Conan and of course He-Man and will factor into the film as the main hero’s favorite toy. What’s even cooler about this and a big reason why you should back the film, is that the Barbarian Man action figure will come to life and be available as an exclusive through this Kickstarter. Imagine not only seeing a toy in the film, but being able to buy it. It’s tons of old school fun.

The Kickstarter ends on Halloween night at midnight and they are only about $1,000 away from their goal. If you’re a fan of 80’s toys, 80’s horror and good ol’ fashioned fun, this is definitely one to back. It’s got great people involved, as Zoloworld has produced tons of figures in the past few years, so you know they will hold up their end (unlike so many Kickstarters that never end up producing figures) and Daniel Benedict has done some fantastic short films like “Fall of Grayskull” and “Bunni” and this looks like it’ll be a top notch labor of love by all involved.

So let’s make this happen! You can back it here: