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Batman Classic TV Series
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By: Classic TV Toys

There’s something inherently awesome about the classic 1966 Batman TV show. While the show played up it’s campy nature, with ridiculous concepts, over the top fights and well placed humor, it all worked for one reason or another. For decades fans have flocked to this show and it’s become a cult classic with a massive following of fans. At one point Adam West was so recognized for being Batman that he couldn’t escape the role and the public had a hard time separating West’s campy portrayal from any incarnation of the character.

Classic TV Series Batman Figures
Despite the show’s continued licensing longevity, there was never much in the way of action figures and toys until this year. Mattel was the first to market with their 60’s Batman 6 inch figures, but that toy line flat-lined almost as soon as it stepped foot out of the Batcave. None of the figures quite worked and Mattel made it clear they weren’t intending to make it a full fledged toy line, thus killing it before it ever really hit shelves.

Retro Batman Figures Review
Enter Figures Toy Company and it’s Classic TV Toys brand to bring us their take on the 1960’s Batman show in action figure form. Classic TV Toys have had mixed results in the past with their 8 inch figure brands, but to many folks the vintage 70’s Megos served as the unofficial toy line of the William Dozier show. So it’s a pretty natural fit that this “Mego-like” style of figures would be a good vessel for a classic TV series Batman toy line. Over the next few days I’ll be reviewing all of Series 1 of these new Batman figures, but today we start with Batman himself, as portrayed by Adam West. Continue reading

Adam West Batman
Classic TV Toys have finally unveiled their prototypes for their upcoming 1966 Classic TV Batman line. These figures were announced a year or so ago, but up until now we haven’t seen any images of what they would look like. CTVT just recently released their Mego Batman recreations to mostly positive reviews, but these figures aren’t recreations of previous toys, but a new line altogether. The first wave includes Batman, Robin, Joker and the Riddler.

1966 Batman
I have to admit, I’m really impressed. If the final product looks close to this, it’s definitely going to warrant a purchase. I already put in a pre-order, because I just like the look of these.

Ceaser Romero
The Joker is clearly the winner of the bunch, but I think they all look pretty good. Mattel’s 1966 Classic TV Batman line had a lot of potential, but Mattel pushed the line through quick and ended it before it ever really started. The potential for Classic TV Toys to take this line to another level is very high. Continue reading

This Sunday starts the 2013 Toy Fair, which will no doubt be full of a ton of reveals that will have the world of toys talking for weeks and months to come. Back at San Diego Comic Con this year, we saw a very brief sneak peak at Mattel’s new 1960’s Batman figures. It’s a huge coup for Mattel and it’s part of what no doubt is going to be a huge influx of merchandise from the classic show thanks to licensing deals finally being worked out. I suspect a DVD set is on the horizon, which will be huge news.

Batman 66

But for toy collectors, the toys are arguably the biggest deal. Mattel has a love/hate relationship with fans, but I’d say most were happy that the house that Barbie built has the keys to this franchise. The figures we’ve seen thus far look pretty faithful to the source material. Of course with all those new molds and such, heaven help us on what the price point will be. I’m not sure if it’ll be better to be a MattyCollector exclusive, or having to go through the pegs at the local Walmart which will no doubt be clogged with Riddlers and Aunt Harriets. I’m kidding, Mattel won’t make a Harriet but if they do, I’ll send Toy Guru one of my world famous fruit cakes in the mail.

Anywho, the figures look good for the most part, but I mean good in a very subjective sense. I mean, they more or less look goofy. But we’re talking the 60’s Batman show, so of course it’s supposed to look goofy. If anything, Penguin looks a bit too fat, but again it’s hard to say much on these pictures. This line is for the most devoted and it’s great to see that Mattel seems to be pulling out all the stops. At least for now.

Photos from Entertainment Earth, stop by there and buy something from this link and help us stay in bidness. Now if we can just get a Jerry Lawler Super King and “Cease and Desist” Adam West Batman I’d be in hog heaven.

There’s something charming about the old Mego Batman toys. They sort of capture the essence of the 1960’s Batman TV show, even if they weren’t terribly accurate. Of course they weren’t official toys of that show either. However Mego collectors are constantly making 1960’s Batman TV characters.

In fact in the Mego “Reimagined” catalogue, from the Mego Museum, there is a whole section devoted to that very same idea. This figure popped up on Ebay a while back and is someone’s meticulous recreation of a Adam West style Mego Batman. It looks like it’s using a modified body, maybe even a Famous Covers body, but whatever the case it’s excellent.

There is a major market being missed by not capitalizing more on that Adam West Batman era. I dunno if Mattel can make a toy line for it, but someone should. I think these cloth style figures would be great, but even 6 inch or smaller would work. Kudos to the customizer who came up with this one.

I tried to find out more about this figure, but couldn’t find much. These pictures are from the Ebay auction. I don’t recall what this figure went for, it was a while back, but I’m sure it ended up going for a pretty penny. It’s a magnificent piece, not just for Mego collectors but for anyone.

While the 1960’s TV Batman has been lampooned from everything to major motion pictures like Kick Ass to literally a 60’s TV Batman porno, there is no denying that it’s very much a part of Americana. Something I’m surprised DC Direct or some other toy company hasn’t focused in on. It’s a license to print money I tell ya. I guess for now we’ll have to settle for customs.