Abominable Snow Monster

Vinyl Pop Holidays Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

MERRY CHRISTMAS! So although I didn’t get everything up (stay tuned tomorrow for the 12th Day of Gamera!) we did get quite a few things up this holiday season. We’ll conclude with an old favorite, the Bumble!

We’ve reviewed Bumble Mugs and Bumble Action Figures in years past, but when I saw the Funko Pop holiday characters, I knew I had to have the Bumble. While all the characters look nice, the Bumble is clearly the best and most popular. Target had these for only $5, but good luck finding the “Bumble” Abominable Snow Monster, as I had to drive all around to find this little guy. Continue reading

Although Mickey’s Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas Holiday specials, my absolute favorite goes to Rudolph by Rankin-Bass. My favorite character in that special is the Abominable Snowman, known as the Bumble. My GF bought me this Rudolph Hot Cocoa set because it had the Bumble on it, so I thought I’d give a brief summary of the set.

The packaging is actually quite nice, with pictures of Rudolph and his main squeeze Clarice on the side. Inside each package has a character, like Santa or Sam the Snowman. It’s a fun design.

The two mugs are identical, featuring Rudolph on one side and the Bumble on the other. They’re basic coffee mugs, but don’t feel cheap by any means.

Inside the box with Sam on it, there’s a couple candy canes. They’re individually wrapped.

The Hot Cocoa bags have Santa on them and look really cool, at least until you open them up.

Inside are just a couple of cheap Hot Cocoa mixes. I was hoping this set had more than 2 servings, but no such luck. Make sure to buy extra cocoa!

Then it’s time to make the cocoa. I use a dash of milk, but it just requires hot water.

Once it’s ready, dangle a candy cane on the side. It’ll melt into the cocoa slowly and give it extra flavor.

Make one for a friend or loved one and then pop in the Rankin-Bass classic. It’s sure to warm you up as you enjoy the Bumble and Rudolph on the TV screen. Have a Holly-Jolly Christmas, this year!

Ah the Abominable Snowman, infamous monster of intrigue and even more infamous as the “Bumble” from the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 1967 TV Special. Of all the holiday specials, this old time retelling of Rudolph’s origin from Rankin/Bass remains one of my favorites. It was no doubt my favorite Christmas special when I was a kid.

It seems that all the best holiday toys were made by companies that no longer exist. Yesterday it was Palisades and today it’s Playing Mantis. Playing Mantis really started the holiday toy craze and if it wasn’t for them Forever Fun wouldn’t have the grip on the market they do today. I believe Forever Fun still produces this figure, but he’s not single carded and I never see anything but the “Humble” Bumble after Yukon Cornelius has pulled out all his teeth.


Even though I’ve had this guy for years now, I’ve kept the original packaging. The reason for that is because this guy was a real elusive mystery for me for many years. I tried valiantly to find him but never had any luck.

I even had my GF try to get it for me for Christmas. She couldn’t find this Bumble either, but she did end up getting me a Bobble-Bumble which was pretty cool. Until one day I walked into a K*B Toys Outlet center and there he was… And he was only $5! I still to this day don’t know why I didn’t buy 10 of this guy.

The articulation on this guy isn’t super impressive, but it’s still quite good for what he needs it for. His head, arms and legs are all cuts. They don’t have a super range of movement because he’s covered in fur, but he can still hit his couple of trademark poses.

Everything about the Rankin/Bass design is here and present in perfect accuracy. This figure looks just like the Bumble, which is good because some of the other licensed Rudolph stuff is a bit off model. This figure is pretty darn perfect though.

His fur had to be the hardest part to engineer and still give him working and useful articulation. Major props goes out to Playing Mantis for finding a way to get this done and do it well. He looks right and he’s quite fuzzy indeed.

The likeness here is the same as it was on the regular Ash figure, which isn’t very good. Still if you can deal with the not so great head sculpt, he’s otherwise pretty flawless. He’s decked out in green and red for the holidays, although the red pants are almost a brown color.

Although the scale of the rest of this line is about 4-5 inches, the Bumble is massive. He’s even bigger than Marvel Legends Hulk! I believe they also sold a larger deluxe Bumble, but this guy fits in well with the PVC figures which where I spent most of my money in collecting Rudolph toys.

The Bumble only gets his trademark star. Unfortunately it’s kind of odd and can’t really fit on any trees, but he looks good holding it like he’s going to put it onto a tree. I’ve seen some newer version from Forever Fun with a slightly different star that’s gold.

I got this guy for $5! I have no idea what he originally retailed for or I would have listed that price. I’m guessing closer to $10, but on Ebay now you’re likely to pay quite a bit more for this version. I have seen Humble Bumble sets with several figures for about $30-$40.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 9
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Star
Value – 10
Overall – 9.5 out of 10

I love this figure, I think he’s perfect in every way. I can’t find a single flaw and since I paid so little for him, he gets a near perfect rating from me. Hey, I’m probablyly biased, but there is no denying that this is a good toy.

The Bumble is always part of my Rudolph holiday town, which I build each year in different styles. I’ve included some photos of this year’s Rudolph town. Certainly not my best setup, but the Bumble is there.