Playmates TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

Snakeweed (briefly called Stinkweed) was one of the first additional mutant villains we saw in the new Ninja Turtles line. It should be no surprise that he was also one of the first introduced in the Nickelodeon cartoon. Surprisingly, despite coming in earlier in the line, he’s in a lot of ways better than some of the later creations.

Snake attack
Snakeweed represents a real change in philosophy for the Ninja Turtles line, offering up quite a bit of articulation and completely new functions that previous TMNT figures have never had. Yet, this is very clearly a Playmates toy, with many of the stalwart pieces we’ve come to know from the house of Turtle. So is this figure worth adding to you collection this holiday season? Continue reading

Captain Action DC Comic Review
Captain Action #1
DC Comics
Story by Jim Shooter
Art by Wally Wood

The second day of our Captain Action Advent Calendar brings us the vintage 1968 DC Comics first issue of Captain Action. This comic is somewhat historic because it not only has legendary artist Wally Wood and writer Jim Shooter at the helm, but it was also one of the first times that Jim Shooter was actually credited on a comic. He wrote about that in one of the modern Captain Action comics and regarded that as one of the only reasons that he really was glad he was a part of the Captain Action mythos.

Apparently at the time, Ideal (Captain Action’s original parent company) had saddled poor Jim, who was just a teenager, with an awful lot of demands about things that needed to be in the comic. Shooter also had to flesh out the origin story for Captain Action, who at the time, had no real bio to speak of. He simply was an action figure that could be transformed into other famous comic characters. With all that being said, Shooter was actually able to come up with a really neat origin story for Captain Action. In fact, it’s a story that I prefer over a lot of the other versions of the Captain. At least in concept, if not necessarily execution.

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The comic is immediately an eye catcher with that bombastic cover of Captain Action pushing Superman out of the way. DC was infamous for these sorts of covers and often they don’t even reflect what the heck happened in the comic, but in this instance this is actually a panel from the book. We start off with a battle between Captain Action and a man named Krellik. I’m reminded of TNA’s Rellik (that’s killer spelled backwards!) immediately. In fact the very first page is what I suspect was originally planned for the cover, as it’s Krellik standing over Captain Action saying that his career as a superhero is over before it even started. I assume someone then realized that nobody reading comics would know who Captain Action was, but if they put Superman on the cover, it would get kids to buy it.

Anyway we see some of the battle between Krellik and Captain Action, as they use amazing powers to try and defeat one another. Then we flashback to just moments before where the Captain and Rellik duke it out. Immediately you’ll notice that these guys have incredible powers that most don’t associate with Captain Action. He shoots laser beams out of his hands, as an example.

Krellik calls the Captain an idiot for warning him before he attacked (which was pretty stupid) but Action says that he is like a rattlesnake and gives a warning before he strikes. That doesn’t make much sense to me, but hey, who am I to criticize Stone Cold Captain Action?!

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It’s time once again kiddies to head into the dank and mysterious underworld filled with plastic movie toys and 5 points of articulation. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another… TALES FROM THE TOY AISLE!

This week we’re headed to the local Walmart in search of something interesting. Will Walmart house any ancient discoveries or perhaps unveil a new product to us? Don’t hold your breath!

Walmart Man of Steel
Right as soon as we enter, there are tons of Man of Steel toys to look at. It doesn’t look like the box office success of this movie is going to translate into toy sales. Part of the problem of making a more “adult” Superman movie, I suppose.

Walmart Exclusive
Walmart is the place to go for these 3 3/4 Superman figures from Mattel. They even have exclusives that light up. Some of those look pretty neat. I really like that “Powers of Krypton” logo the best.

Superman doll
They even pulled out the old Wrestling Buddy format and made a Superman version. Sadly, these Mattel buddies are very undersized. Continue reading

Ninja Turtles Krang
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Kraang Hover Drone Vehicle
5 Inch Scale
By: Playmates

One of the oldest traditions in the world of action figures is the vehicle. Almost every toyline in the 1980’s had some sort of car, plane or contraption to cruise around in. Oftentimes they had multiple vehicles, many of which made absolutely no sense. The concept of vehicles in toylines is almost extinct these days, but Playmates still worships the old gods, and the Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles toyline has cranked out more vehicles in their short year on the shelves than just about any other toyline on the market today.

Krang Flying Vehicle
While some of the vehicles are wacky and par for the course for the turtles, one of the newest vehicles shipping is the Kraang Hover Drone, which is a vehicle that more or less appears in the cartoon itself. In the Nickelodeon cartoon, the evil Kraang are shown flying on all sorts of vehicles similar to this. While I can’t say 100% for sure that one exactly like this model has appeared, it’s certainly not out of the realm of potential vehicles they would use. Continue reading

Sonic meets the Turtles
Back in 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were both under a licensing contract with Archie Comics. The TMNT run in Archie is known for being loosely based on the Fred Wolf cartoon and created a deep mythos of it’s own. The comic has become a cult favorite and to many people was the best version of the Turtles. What a lot of people don’t know, is that Sonic’s Archie comic was also quite successful, running for well over 200 issues.

However, it was a brief moment in one of Sonic’s earliest issues that he got a chance to meet the Ninja Turtles. Sonic was busy trying to save a group of people known as the Nerbs and ran through a sewer. Who should he pass in the sewers? None other than Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael. While many comics do little panels with stuff hidden in the background, this was front and center. The Turtles even got a couple of word balloons.

Ninja Turtle Crossovers
Although the meeting was brief, it is technically a crossover. It wasn’t the first Ninja Turtle crossover and it certainly wouldn’t be the last either. But it was the only time that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got to meet Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog!