5 Inch Scale

5 Inch Scale
By: Max Factory
$49.99 (price varies)

Part Man. Part Machine. ALL Cop. Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 Robocop film transformed the concept of a cyborg. Robocop was a movie that had a lot of social commentary, gratuitous violence and one of the coolest looking “robots” in film history. It also instantly became a hit with kids, which is pretty amazing because the movie is actually Rated R. That didn’t stop toys from being made, cartoons from being launched and Robocop becoming everything that perhaps the movie was against.

None of that matters though, because Robocop is a badass. I love Robocop, even the bad sequels and the underrated TV show. I owned a ton of the Kenner figures and I bought quite a few of the Toy Island figures, even Commander Cash! Despite a ton of attempts from McFarlane, NECA and even Hot Toys, I’m not certain we’ve ever had a perfect Robocop figure.

Ultimately, this figure isn’t “perfect” either, but it’s damn close. I’m sure Hot Toy’s second attempt at Robcop will be perfect… But it will also run you $300 or so. For $60 or less, you won’t find a better Robocop figure than the Figma. This guy is incredible, both in detail and design, but most importantly in articulation. This is the most poseable Robcop to date and he’s an amazing figure because of it.

The packaging is a fairly plain window box. The presentation is nice, but not nearly as sweet as Revoltech or the Bandai MonsterArts packages. This does it’s job, but won’t likely make you want to keep it MIB for display.

The package art does conjure up a bit of a Robocop feel, but I think they could have had a lot more fun with that concept. The back has some details about the posing and accessories.

There’s a picture of the figure on the sides.

The nicest part of the package is actually the inside backing card. It has a lot of little wires and circuitry as well as the Robocop logo. As usual, kind of a shame when the nicest part of the package is something you see the least of.

The sculpting on the Figma Robocop is fantastic, with just about as much detail as the McFarlane figure, at around half the size. Robocop has actually had a pretty good run with figures, as they’ve always had a lot of sculpted detail. Toy Island did nice work, and Kenner wasn’t too bad, but the Figma is really amazing for the small size.

It’s a stunning figure and is immediately recognizable as Robocop. The paint has a mix of blue and purple hues in it, but in some shots it looks like there is too much purple. I would say that there is a TAD too much purple, but it’s not as bad as some photos may have you believe. I’d rather they went with more blue than purple, but such is life.

The other area that is of concern to many collectors is the mouth. This doesn’t appear to be Peter Weller. It looks pretty generic and the lips aren’t given a lot of detail, making this look a bit flat. It doesn’t bother me, but it’s worth noting. You could sculpt a bit more detail in yourself, but honestly macro function cameras are tricking you for the most part… In hand you’re not seeing the face as close up.

To many, the McFarlane Robocop is still the standard bearer and Figma’s Robocop does not have quite as much detail. However, for the most part, the detail is very close. Given the difference in size, it doesn’t seem like anything was directly omitted.

This Figma Robocop even has working pistons on the heels. In fact these pistons work quite a bit better than the other pistons on similar figures, because you can move these around a lot more. Although they can pop out and are TINY so don’t lose them (I almost did) if you drop them.

The pins can come out, so be careful.

The intricate detail at this scale is pretty astonishing. He’s just the right amount of bulky, complex and slick. Some Robcop figures just don’t seem to nail the overall feel of Robocop, NECA’s is gangly, McFarlane’s head is a bit small but Max Factory has succeeded in getting just the perfect mix.

The body looks good and the articulation is hidden rather seamlessly. This has often been a problem with other Robocops, but it’s not an issue here.

The hands all look great and there are quite a few to choose from. The data spike hand is particularly impressive. It’s tiny, but so well detailed for it’s size.

They managed to cram in a lot of details.

The figure’s height will get to a lot of people. He’s more in line with 5 inch figures than he is 6 inchers. That means he’ll look great with Doctor Who, but won’t work with Marvel Legends or DCUC. He matches up okay with the old Kenner Terminator, though.

The scale doesn’t bother me too much…

So long as Max Factory gives us a Figma ED-209! He’s too big for my old version. I’d like a RoboKane too please!

The crowning achievement of this figure, though, has to be the opening leg compartment for his gun. This is an important part of Robocop that is often not made into a figure for various reasons.

Figma has nailed it! While it’s not “fully” functional, it’s perfect for recreating those iconic poses.

The articulation is the other truly amazing part of this figure. He’s just so much damn fun to fiddle around with. Robocop toys usually get a pass because Robocop didn’t seem all that poseable in real life… But this one isn’t a big hunk of unarticulated junk.

Robocop can finally disco dance!

Or meditate!

Or do his best Shawn Michaels impersonation!

Or even relax after using his roboweiner to rock Anne Lewis’s world!

Seriously though, this guy is super poseable. The joints all move smoothly and they’re not clicky like a Revoltech. They are just easy to function. Nothing strange or odd about them.

This means you can put Robocop in lots of wacky poses that you might never had imagined him in before.

But it also means you can help him hit essential Robocop poses, better than ever before. Nothing you can’t do within reason with this articulation.

Japanese toys tend to load you down with accessories and low and behold, Figma’s Robcop is no exception.

You get a total of 10 different hands. Two look nearly identical, but they are actually different stages of trigger pulling. You also get a Figma stand, a bag for your accessories (this is a nice little bag) and a battle damaged head. Not to mention the removable leg for the gun, his actual Auto 9 and a little gun blast effect.


The helmet just pops off to replace it with the battle damaged version. It’s easy to remove, but at the same time, it’s not going to fall off either.

The battle damaged helmet looks great and although there isn’t a matching chest piece, you can remove parts of him to make him seem more damaged.

Like an arm!

The outer thigh pops off to reveal the inside where you can attach the opening gun leg portion. That is two separate pieces that plug in.

Note the very minor differences in these sculpts. Not necessary for some people, but quite cool to be included.

The Auto 9 is an incredible sculpt and the firing effect is decent, but a bit cumbersome to plug in.

The stand is a of a pretty high quality. It’s not the best stand, but it can help you to acheive some poses. He stands fine on his own in most posing situations, though.

Everything is really well made, no cheap flexible plastic. This is all made to last.

Of course the kicker here is that this guy is at least $50 in most locations. That’s certainly a lot more than a MOTUC or something you might find at retail. He’s also under 6 inches, which will upset a lot of people. However, if you’re a big Robocop fan, you simply can’t not have this in your collection. All other Robocop figures pale in comparison and I should know, I pretty much have them all. If there continues to be more Robocop Figmas, I will be in LOVE. I can only hope we get several more figures from the Robocop films in the Figma format!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 9
Articulation – 10
Accessories – 10 Hands, Stand, Auto 9, Blast Effect, Battle Damage Head, Bag, Leg Pieces
Value – 9
Overall – 9.5 out of 10

This is not perfection… But it is close. It’s as close as we’ve ever gotten and I’m not sure we’ll ever get any closer at a price point this low. For that reason, he’s very much worth it.

Sometimes you have to pay a little more, to get a little more.

If the mouth sculpt was a little tighter, the purple a little less and perhaps more blue, this guy would be perfect. As is, he’s an essential for Robocop nuts like myself. Don’t miss out on this one.

Your move…


It’s been a while since we visited our friends on Gallifrey, so let’s take a look at another Doctor Who toy review!

Doctor Who
Time Lord
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Although they made numerous appearances in the original series, the Time Lords were effectively killed off in the new series of Doctor Who. The death of the Time Lords created an unique perspective for the new generation of the Doctor, mentioning them only in passing as a beautiful, forgotten race of long ago. This allowed the writers to come up with some interesting scenarios and proved to make the stories with the Doctor all that more pivotal.

Through both evolution and technology, the Time Lords on Gallifrey have become omnipotent observers of the universe. They see through both space and time, watching the universe closely without interference. Although proclaiming to be a peaceful race, the Time Lords have on more than one occasion tilted the scales of justice in balance of a side they prefer, even at the price of genocide.

However as the series has went on, we’ve seen more of the Time Lords, even if they don’t currently exist. This Time Lord figure is of a “flashback” that the 10th Doctor has of his home planet. For what it’s worth, this could easily fit into any classic Doctor Who collection as it appears very much like a “classic” Time Lord.

Typical Doctor Who clamshell here. Less of a focus on the Tardis shaped bubble, though.

The figure is nicely displayed inside with a “SERIES 4” emblazoned on the top. That’s series 4 of the show, not series 4 of the figures. For those keeping score at home.

The back of the packages shows the other figures in the series. Davros was the big seller, while Hath Peck performed pretty poorly. He’s an army builder and the only figure in the series with an accessory too, go figure!

The first couple of appearances of the Time Lords had them looking a bit more like someone from the Flash Gordon universe. Later appearances focused more on the ornamental robes and this attire became the new standard for Time Lords. This continues in the new series and is represented here in this toy.

Ideally this is a perfect representation of a Time Lord. The long flowing robe is similar to that of a Catholic Cardinal. Although in the original series we saw many color robes and Dapol made several variants, the red seems the most predominant in the new series. That’s what this figure captures in essence.

The designs are really nice, especially the Gallifrean symbols on each shoulder. The eyes feature a small red line under them, to signify the stress that a Time Lord, observing all the hatred and violence throughout the galaxy, must witness.

The back of the costume is long and flowing, perfectly sculpted to represent a silk robe.

The colors are nice and the big collar is done especially well. It’s cast in a translucent plastic, then painted ever so slightly, giving an incredible effect. It’s little touches like that which really raise the figure up.

The paint is a little thick on the face, softening some of the wrinkles that are clearly on the sculpt. Still overall the paint work is pretty sharp. The helmet could use a bit more detailing, though.

Unfortunately the rubber band that comes placed on the figure has caused the arms to pop out of the sockets a bit. A little warm water should allow them to pop tighter back into place, but it’s worth noting. Especially if you’re just now picking up a Time Lord.

Beyond those minor issues, the sculpt is fairly solid and the paint work impressive.

Let’s see what we got here…

The legs appear to have partial, if not full articulation, but they are completely rendered useless by the robe. Honestly, that’s okay since it’s key to the design of the figure. It’s certainly better than the Hellboy 2 figures which had a similar design, but hollow bodies.

Beyond that you have swivel neck, arms, wrists and hinge elbows. Not much, but Time Lords basically just stand around.

Our poor Time Lord friend comes with nothing to defend himself. Leaving him prone to assassination!

At around $11, this figure isn’t very exciting. It’s hard to say he warrants his price tag. They do make decent army builders, but they aren’t very interesting. Of course if you’re a gung ho Doctor Who fan, you need at least three. This sort of toy would never work in an American market, but is great for the UK.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – N/A
Value – 6
Overall – 6 out of 10

The Time Lord gets a pretty low rating. It should be noted though, that’s purely a “toy” rating. He’s an essential character and I applaud Character Options for making him just as he should be. I’m sure if this guy had been made in the US, he would have had a glow in the dark head, rocket launcher arms and a pine scent.

Time Lords are interesting characters. Are they heroes? Are they villains? Are they God? Are they assholes? All questions you have to answer for yourself… Fun to play with kids!

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Let me preface this review by saying, I hate my camera. I plan on getting a new camera in the next month or so because this one is just terrible and it consistently brings down the quality of this site. If you have a good camera you can recommend please let me know below. With that bellyaching out of the way, we’re on to another review, this time of my first ever Torchwood figure! Huzzah! Today we’re taking a look at the deadly Blowfish!

The Blowfish isn’t really one of Torchwood’s top foes, he barely appears in the series although he does show up twice. This version only shows up in one episode so a lot of people have questioned why SciFiCollector decided to include him into their toy range, especially when more important characters like Owen and Rhys haven’t been made. Regardless of that face, he’s a man in a suit (easy to make) and he’s got a friggin’ blowfish for a head! Plus he had this awesome opening scene:

With any toyline, but especially one like this you have to walk a careful balance between making core characters and making neat characters. The Torchwood line barely has any monsters so the Blowfish seems like a good place to inject a little fun into the line. These figures are not made by Character Options, who make the excellent Doctor Who toys, but this line is supposed to be compatible. How does it hold up?

The package here is pretty good with a collector friendly clamshell. I would agree with my old pal Wes Crayon that clamshells are sort of only collector friendly if you’re a MOC collector. You can never reseal a traditional clamshell.

The front has all the normal stuff you’d expect and they keep it pretty snazzy. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. On the flip side they show off the other figures in the series as well as showing the first series. That’s a good idea. It seems like such a simple thing, but plenty of other toy companies forget that important part of the cross sell. It even tells you to be on the lookout for special edition variants!

Another neat part about the package is these little “burn” marks. When I first noticed it, I thought my package was flawed. Instead the inner card has several little burn bites on it. I assume this is to simulate the idea that this package has been through a battle… Or that it’s a top secret file that someone has tried to destroy.

It’s a pretty good package overall but you’ll have to pretty much destroy it to get him out so I guess it’s a moot point.

Character Options is constantly tweaking their level of articulation in Doctor Who, but they almost have it down to a science. The first wave of SciFiCollector’s Torchwood figures didn’t quite have the same level of articulation and it hurt some of the capability element.

This second series of Torchwood figures has amped up the articulation and in some ways improved upon what the CO range of Who figures offers. Overall though I think this falls just a bit short of it’s complete potential. The one area that’s probably an improvement is the ball jointed head. That gives this guy a lot of character.

Although the head is improved, the level of movement in the legs is hindered by the sculpt. Maybe you can make yours move more than mine but he can barely lift his leg on mine. The knees and elbows are Hasbro style ball joints or “Hasbrows” as they are sometimes called. This does allow you a more seamless swivel than the Character Options figures but it also doesn’t quite give you the range of movement.

You may notice some water on the figure in a couple of these pictures. No, that’s not sculpted on there. His joints were tight… So tight in fact that I had to dunk his whole body and do a “boil and pop” to the whole thing. The worst part was the head. I recommend doing a few boil and pops and working the head very closely. I’ve seen some reviews of this figure swear that his head doesn’t move, it does and it’s got a full ball joint but it’s so tight that you absolutely can not move it without some work. I believe the Blowfish head is made of a softer plastic and it stuck in the molding process, but once you do get the head loose, trust me you’ll be thankful for it.

This figure originally looked pretty lame, but it turned out quite nice. As I said in the intro, I think SciFiCollector probably chose this guy because he’s an easy design but he’s also a “monster”. The suit is very plain with little detail or paint application. That’s true to the design of the show and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention he even has his trademark driving gloves on.

I’m a maniac, maniac on the floor…

The Blowfish head is really where all the detail shines through. It has a lot of little details in it and the paint job is really well done. Of course it doesn’t look as good as it did on the show, but it definitely looks good. I’d say this Blowfish head is the best sculpt that SciFiCollector has done. It can definitely stand toe to toe with the sculpting work of Character Options.

The fact that this head sculpt is made out of a slightly more rubbery material just adds to the realism in my view. It’s a really neat sculpt and while it’s not exactly chocked full of detail it definitely fits the bill for this character. I couldn’t ask for too much more than that.

As I said, the rest of the costume is pretty plain. You either like it or you don’t. I thought the idea of the Blowfish in a purple suit was pretty cool. When I originally saw the design I was hoping he was going to be a gangster of some sort. Sadly that wasn’t really the case, but in my Torchwood/Doctor Who world, he’s totally a mobster boss.

Scale wise he fits in perfectly with your Character Options Doctor Who line. He’s just about as tall as Jack Harkness. Since he’s an alien that also gives you a little more leeway whereas a oversized Gwen might look funny. I think he’s a pretty perfect match.

You may notice this awesome sword he’s carrying… He doesn’t come with that. That’s a sword from Snake Eyes, but since I have a ton of them and I thought he’d look cool with a sword I gave it to him. If you have one of these Snake-Eyes swords, I totally recommend giving it to him.

All he actually comes with is a hexagon stand with the Torchwood logo on it. The stand is decent but my camera screwed up the picture so it’s all blurry. I’d take another picture but my camera’s battery is recharging and even from this blurry picture, you get the point.

The stand is actually handy not only as a stand, but it makes a good piece of background if you’re making any Torchwood dioramas. If you watch Torchwood you know that they love to plaster their logo all over everything. So it can be used in a few ways.

I’d have loved to seen him come with oh, I dunno… A SWORD! But since he barely did anything in the show I assume it’s okay that he didn’t get a weapon. Although he did use a gun in the show, so that would have made sense. Accessories are always nice.

I don’t remember exactly what I paid but he runs for about $12.99 here in the states. If you look around you can definitely find him a few bucks cheaper. As always that’s not a great value, but it is a decent one. The Doctor Who and Torchwood toys are always a better value than DC or Marvel toys even at their higher price points because these figures are IMPORTS. When you’re getting imported toys for only a few bucks more than retail toys here, it’s a added bonus. Plus the toys are typically pretty good.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Stand
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

I could probably go an 8 on this figure but I’ll stick with a 7. That doesn’t mean this is a bad figure. According to my scale a 7 is right at average or so but this guy is definitely a little better. He’s a lot of fun and as a character he’s largely a blank slate so you can fill in the backstory yourself. You could make him like a mob hitman who wields a samurai sword… Just saying, you could do that if you wanted.

“Harkness, you dirty rat… You killed my brother! NOW YOU DIE!”

I’ll probably pick up some more Torchwood figures down the line but I don’t know if I’ll end up getting the whole crew or not. I could definitely get an Owen though. These are good toys, especially if you are a fan of the show but they aren’t quite as awesome as the Character Options Doctor Who toys, but really, what is? Ciao.