31 Days of Halloween


Mystery Minis Horror Series
Sam from Trick r’ Treat
2 Inch Scale
By: Funko

We’re on something of a Funko kick during the 31 Days of Halloween although it’s not necessarily by design. Funko has just been at the forefront the past few years with spotlighting horror toys and that’s exactly what we have for you today. It’s another figure from their Mystery Minis line, we covered Freddy Krueger from that series earlier this week.

A couple of years ago I reviewed Trick r’ Treat and didn’t give it a glowing review. I’ve softened some on it, and I think I was probably a bit too harsh back then. Maybe I’ll re-review it this year, but we’ll just have to see. One thing I did recognize even then, was that Sam, the little character who sort of weaves the various anthology stories together, was destined to become iconic. Funko have paid tribute to him here, including him with such horror luminaries as Freddy, Jason and Pinhead. That says a lot and he doesn’t seem out of place amongst that bunch. Continue reading

Halloween, Michael Myers

ReAction (Horror Series)
Michael Myers
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

As we continue our walk down the long and winding road to Halloween, what better way than to spotlight the masked maniac from the movie Halloween? John Carpenter’s Halloween helped define a genre and springboarded the slasher movie to the forefront of cinema. While it wasn’t the first of it’s kind, it set the tone and helped establish that these sorts of movies could have an effective story told and haunt people’s minds with sharp visuals, stunning score and iconic villains. Halloween went on to spawn numerous sequels, some of which are quite good and others that are downright dreadful.

However, the one thing that the Halloween series never had, was action figures. Sure, NECA, Mezco and others have cranked out Halloween figures in recent years, but it’s a bit of a surprise that during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that no toys came out for the franchise. By the time A Nightmare on Elm Street hit box offices, toys were part of the game, but Michael Myers never had such luxuries. Funko sought to rectify that and released this retro figure of Michael Myers from Halloween, imagining how a toy like this might have looked in 1978. Continue reading


Mystery Minis Horror Series
Freddy Krueger
2 Inch Scale
By: Funko

The 31 Days of Halloween continue with a look at Funko’s Mystery Mini version of the man who provided A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’d say he probably provided a lot of nightmares elsewhere too. But now here he is in a tiny, fun little desktop toy. I’ve held onto this little guy for about a year, just so I could review this figure (and several of his friends) in our Halloween Countdown. That’s either dedication or procrastination, I’ll let you be the judge.

Freddy once claimed in a popular rap song that “You’ve got the body and I’ve got the brain”, and I think that’s apropos here because now we can get a good look at what’s inside my brain as I take a look at this little figure of his body. Funko has cranked out quite a few of these Mystery Minis in recent years, riding the popular super deformed blind box trend. It’s annoying for customers as sometimes our favorites are hard to track down, but it’s obviously a pretty good strategy for sales. So is burnt up Fred worth tracking down? Continue reading

Blair Witch
Directed by Adam Wingard
Starring James Allen McCune and Callie Hernandez
In Theaters Now

I wanted to like Blair Witch. I really did. I wouldn’t call myself a “die hard” fan of the original, Blair Witch Project, but I still contend that it’s one of the most inventive and deeply chilling horror films of all time. While it may have more or less kickstarted the “found footage” genre, it made smart choices. Perhaps part of the charm of the Blair Witch Project is that it wasn’t hampered by all the cliches that have become so commonplace in the found footage genre. Or maybe it was because it was smartly written, brilliantly acted and while it had some creepy elements it made you create the horror in your own mind. A lot of people I’ve met who don’t like the Blair Witch Project, aren’t that smart. And while I wouldn’t contend that you have to intelligent to understand it, the more you allow your mind to wander, the more you can create something pretty terrifying out of that 1999 film.

Which brings us to the sequel. While this is technically the third film in the Blair Witch series, the less that’s said about Blair Witch 2: Electric Boogaloo, the better. That film took a meta approach weaving the movie and a traditional horror plot together for something what wasn’t satisfying on any level. Blair Witch (2016) has the benefit of going back to what worked in the original. Unfortunately, it far too often strays into the same problems that have bogged down the genre since the original.

One of the things I did like about this movie is that it’s a nicely devised concept. Heather from the original Blair Witch (sadly no cameo) had a kid brother that we never saw. He’s grown up wondering what really happened to his sister and is convinced to go out to the Black Hills to find her. Of course, there’s some plot holes you could drive a semi-truck through as well. For example, Heather’s brother James, isn’t the one on the quest, but rather his friend Lisa is. She’s also making a documentary, because, of course.

Naturally we know that these characters are going to end up in the woods and bad things are going to happen. I don’t think I really need to give spoiler warnings, because nothing in this movie is really going to be spoiled by mentioning these particular plot points. I mean, everyone knows that there will be creepy woods stuff in a movie about the Blair Witch.  Continue reading

Super7 The Worst

The Worst (Midnight Special)
Robot Reaper
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Super 7
$15.00 (Sold in multi-pack for $90)

It’s been a little while since I’ve cranked out any toy reviews, but the 31 Days of Halloween is upon us and this year I intend to unleash a bevy of gruesome goodness your way. Super7 recently released these figures, in their retro “ReAction” type 3 3/4 scale. The Worst, is arguably a terrible name for toys as this review could very well be called “The Worst Action Figure Review” but I assure you these toys are anything but, the worst. In fact, these are some of my favorite figures to come down the pike in a while as they just visually pop and are tons of fun.


Whether you’re a fan of Halloween themed toys, bad guys, generic toy lines or retro figures or not, I think this is definitely a review you’ll want to check out. This guy has a lot of neat features that I believe would appeal to a lot of different collectors. Robot Reaper just has a certain intangible charm about him that’s sure to peak some interest in you.

Robot Reaper is probably the coolest of the group, so I probably should have saved him for last, but I wanted to start off the 31 Days of Halloween with a bang, so the Reaper is the first to get reviewed. Keep checking back all month long and I promise you’ll see in-depth reviews of all of these guys. And while Robot Reaper might be the coolest, they’re all quite awesome. Continue reading