3 3/4

Batman (Screen Test Pilot) CHASE
3.75 Inch Scale
By: Funko

For the next couple of weeks you’re going to see a lot of coverage of Funko’s new Batman Classic TV Series 3 3/4 actin figures. These toys, based on the 1966 Batman show are just starting to hit stores, with many online retailers shipping them out already. I’ve got the whole first wave and will be taking a detailed look at each figure. So if you like Batman and Infinite Hollywood, you’re in luck!

I thought it made sense to start with the single carded Batman as he appeared in the TV series “screen test pilot”. A lot of people don’t know this costume even existed, but back before the show hit the air, they did a few screen tests and this alternate costume was used. Believe it or not, Lyle Waggoner was almost cast in Adam West’s iconic role and this costume, which is similar to the Batman costume from the old serials, was used.

Funko chose to pay homage to this little piece of history with a chase variant of Batman in this outfit. This variant wasn’t announced as being packed in these cases and there’s a rumor going around that this guy may be even more shortpacked than the Eli Wallach version of Mr. Freeze. Only time will tell if that’s true or not. Continue reading

Super7 The Worst

The Worst (Midnight Special)
Robot Reaper
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Super 7
$15.00 (Sold in multi-pack for $90)

It’s been a little while since I’ve cranked out any toy reviews, but the 31 Days of Halloween is upon us and this year I intend to unleash a bevy of gruesome goodness your way. Super7 recently released these figures, in their retro “ReAction” type 3 3/4 scale. The Worst, is arguably a terrible name for toys as this review could very well be called “The Worst Action Figure Review” but I assure you these toys are anything but, the worst. In fact, these are some of my favorite figures to come down the pike in a while as they just visually pop and are tons of fun.


Whether you’re a fan of Halloween themed toys, bad guys, generic toy lines or retro figures or not, I think this is definitely a review you’ll want to check out. This guy has a lot of neat features that I believe would appeal to a lot of different collectors. Robot Reaper just has a certain intangible charm about him that’s sure to peak some interest in you.

Robot Reaper is probably the coolest of the group, so I probably should have saved him for last, but I wanted to start off the 31 Days of Halloween with a bang, so the Reaper is the first to get reviewed. Keep checking back all month long and I promise you’ll see in-depth reviews of all of these guys. And while Robot Reaper might be the coolest, they’re all quite awesome. Continue reading


ReAction Rocketeer
The Rocketeer
3 3/4 Inch Scale
By: Funko

When The Rocketeer hit theaters in 1991, Disney put a ton of merchandising behind it. There was literally every kind of movie tie-in you could think of, from birthday party hats to paddle balls. Everything except one major tie-in… The only thing that was left out was action figures. Had Rocketeer turned into a hit, instead of a misunderstood gem, one imagines that a toy line would have been inevitable, perhaps as part of a cartoon. Instead, it’s taken over 20 years for us to get a “traditional” action figure of the Rocketeer.

Cliff Secord
But even that is a bit of a misnomer, as the Rocketeer is the first figure in Funko’s ReAction toy line. ReAction is a line of “retro” styled figures, in the format of vintage Kenner Star Wars figures. Okay, technically the Super 7 Alien figures came first, but those were created before Funko came on board and were based off decades old sculpts. Rocketeer is the first newly sculpted ReAction figure and he’s got a lot of hype and a lot to live up to.

So with all that pressure, does the Rocketeer manage to deliver? The answer is no, mostly it doesn’t. But does that mean this figure is worth skipping? Read on to find out why this may still be worth your time. Continue reading

march13 210

GI Joe: Retaliation
Joe Colton
3.75” Scale
By Hasbro

Greetings Infinite Hollywood readers! My name is President Juggernaut, and I have recently come aboard as a contributor to the site after being an avid reader for several years. I’m based outside of Boston, Massachusetts and have been a toy collector and pop culture addict all my life. My favorite topics of discussion and collecting include Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and other comics, Godzilla and his kaiju friends, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Transformers, too many movies and toylines to list here and of course the subject of today’s review… GI Joe. This is my first time writing a toy review, so please bear with me as I find my way (and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments).

GI Joe: Retaliation is the 2012 sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra- wait, sorry, make that 2013 sequel. See, if you are like me, you were looking forward to (or were at least curious about) the entertaining looking Retaliation last June, despite the inadequacies of the first movie… and then just before the release, the film was pushed back almost a year. Toys were already on the shelves, but we’ve had to wait until closer to the new release date for the second series of merchandise. Among the new figures are quite a few new characters, including the subject of my inaugural review, Joe Colton.

The character is meant to be the original GI Joe, the classic one with the kung-fu grip for whom the whole toyline was named. But honestly, that’s not what makes this figure interesting. What makes it jump off the shelf is the fact that it’s Bruce Willis, the iconic action star with a surprisingly small amount of merchandise made in his image. NECA produced a 7” Cult Classics John McClane 2006, and there was a Minimate based on his look from The Expendables in 2012. There was a Fifth Element based Bruce Willis figure planned by N2 Toys, but they never saw release (or I’d have one now, I love that movie). Now you are able to reenact the later Die Hard movies, Twelve Monkeys, Unbreakable, Red, Looper, or if you’d like, just have him finally face Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel. Continue reading

Papercraft has become quite the hot trend in the last few years and it’s showing no sign of stopping. I haven’t gotten much into it, but I have been amazed at some of the things I’ve seen created. In that same vein and through my growing love of the GI Joe Adventure Team, I’m really becoming more and more fond of vintage toy box art. There’s a huge community out there that collect old Joe and Mego boxes.

What do these two things have in common? Well, David Whitney, creator of the PaperBlox paper building system, has just released a new paper box creation. The best part about this is that it’s totally free to download! The concept for the box is: What If Hasbro Made 3 3/4″ Joes in the 70s?

This free paper creation that you can download, recreates the look and feel of the classic 1970’s single figure toy box. However it uses the Real American Hero era Joes and artwork. It even has a bunch of Joes in a sort of “collect them all” mindset on the back. And it has Sgt. Slaughter on there, so you know I love it.

You can head over to SherryLouToys.com and download it yourself and check out the other stuff they have there. I haven’t printed one out yet, because my printer is low on ink (story of my life) but this looks like it would be a fun way to display your classic 3 3/4 Joes. Plus the price can’t be beat… FREE!