Doctor Whosday continues to be 31 Days of Halloween themed with our review of Captain Jack and the Empty Child. Okay, so how is that Halloween themed? Well for starters, the Empty Child looks a bit like a trick or treater, no? Plus that kid is downright CREEPY! Anyone who’s seen the episode can attest to that. He’s right up there with the kid from Pet Semetary.

Doctor Who
Captain Jack Harkness and the Empty Child
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Captain Jack and the Empty Child made their debut in the episode, “The Empty Child” which is what this set is based on. A two part story arc, about a very creepy affliction that is sweeping WWII raged England. In it, victims of the affliction grow a gas mask on their face and begin to shout “Are you my Mummy” over and over.

As Rose and the 9th Doctor discover strange happenings in World War II London, they encounter Captain Jack Harkness of the Royal Air Force. Both Jack and Rose appear to find the other attractive, and Jack invites Rose to the top of the ship, tethered to Big Ben. As they continue to flirt, Jack explains to Rose that he used to be a Time Agent and has since gone freelance, and that he has something that the Time Agency wants and that he expects to have to negotiate with Rose for. As the Doctor finds Rose, he encounters Jack for the first time. As they argue, the corpses all rise and start to approach the trio, asking for their “mummy”; simultaneously.

A especially creepy episode that would introduce John Barrowman’s character in epic fashion. The infected “zombies” really set off a tone of fear and the fact that we get both Captain Jack and the Empty Child, makes this an interesting pack. Just how interesting?

I should note that while this is a basic bubble card, it’s able to hold two figures. This is repeated in several other sets, where two figures fit on the same single card. Showing how well designed the Tardis bubble is, as it’s adaptable to many packouts.

Both Captain Jack and the Empty Child are featured on the front. This is an early picture of Jack, but he already has his famous trench coat on. This would become a staple of his apparel on Torchwood, as well as Doctor Who. It’s noticeably absent on the figure, but would appear on his Captain Jack Harkness with 10th Doctor’s Hand figure.

There is definitely some Barrowman in the sculpt, but parts of it aren’t as crisp as the other Jack figures. I think a lot of that has to do with the hair, which is parted a little differently here. Since Jack is hiding in WWII England, his hairstyle is more era appropriate.

His face is also a little fatter here, but I’m not sure if a better paint job would make the sculpt pop more or not. It’s still a decent sculpt and while I slightly prefer the 10th Doctor’s Hand version, both are decent likenesses.

Jack is in his full RAF regalia here. It’s reproduced well, but isn’t the most exciting outfit on the planet. I do like the extra painted details on the scarf. This exact same figure was repacked with his Captain’s hat as well, minus the Empty Child.

Speaking of the Child, he’s here in all his creeptastic glory. The gas mask is accurately reproduced and continues look just as scary. Simple and effective. For some reason the kid in this episode reminded me of the kids from The Children. That movie used to creep me out.

Neither figure have a ton of sculpted details or paint decos to really make them seem exquisite. In the land of Doctor Who, they’re pretty plain. Since the land of Doctor Who itself is pretty plain, that makes these guys uber plain. I still think they’re effective figures, however. It’s just that they’re two figures of 1950’s dress. Not exactly the most exciting “kids” toys.

How much you enjoy them, I suppose will be based on how much you enjoy the characters and the episode they appeared in. Obviously this isn’t something a casual fan should seek out. Though if you want a Captain Jack in this outfit, I think this pack is probably the best to get since it includes the bonus Empty Child.

Plus where else will you get the fodder for your Jack on Jack love stories?

The figures were still evolving on their designs at this point, so you’re missing a few pieces of articulation on Jack. Harkness has neither leg swivels at the thigh, or arm swivel.

He’s still pretty poseable, with a fair number of hinges. The Empty Child has no hinges, but given his small size, it’s somewhat forgivable. Both have a decent range of motion but aren’t the most articulated in the line.

The Empty Child has his hand in the perfect position to ask “Are you my mummy?” which, you know… Works in this situation.

This pack comes with quite a lot depending on how you look at it. Jack comes with his gun as well as the Empty Child. If you don’t count the Empty Child as an accessory (since he is a figure all his own) then you still have the gun.

Jack Harkness’ patented gun is well designed here with a few paint aps. There is a little bleed on some of the inner blue paint, but the fact that it’s even there is pretty good. A fair amount of detail to be had.

This also helps give the other Captain Jack figure a weapon if you want to have them trade. The lack of a gun was a big deal in my Captain Jack Harkness with 10th Doctor’s Hand review.

At the $8-$10 these originally went for they’re a pretty good value. This set is getting harder to find. That said, if you can still track it down it’s not a terrible value. There are better Jacks, but the Empty Child still makes for a good figure and the Jack works well as custom fodder.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Gun
Value – 9
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

The likeness on Jack is a little soft and the articulation is a little outdated. Still for a two pack it’s a nice little set. For the time it was released, it was very good. Now looking back, it’s just okay. This is for Torchwood or Doctor Who faithful only, though.

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