One of the more anticipated releases this Fall was supposed to be the revival of Captain Action. Announced last March, these bad boys were originally planned to start hitting Toys R Us locations about now. The plan was to have a new version of the Captain himself and several licensed Marvel outfits for him to change into. One neat idea is that the figures will include a Build-a-Costume piece for Captain Action as Hawkeye!

“We have a great deal of respect for these timeless characters, and our goal is not to merely recreate the original Marvel costume sets from the 1960s, but to take them a step or two further with enhanced details and more accurate and faithfully-recreated costumes. While packaging is highlighted by Silver Age art and the costumes are tied into that vintage era as well, we’ve updated the packaging style to reflect more modern collector sensibilities. This is an exciting time for Captain Action collectors, new and old!”

Unfortunately due to some issues with China, the toy line has been delayed. It’s a pretty major delay as well, with these reissues not expected to be released until April 2012. The good news is that the delay is because the folks behind the scenes at Captain Action did not want to repeat the mistakes of Playing Mantis and rush these to market if the designs were not up to snuff.

Here is what they had to say over at the official Captain Action Yahoo group:

Hey Gang,

Over the past few days, we had to make a tough decision. We’re going to have delay Wave I of the new Captain Action line from being released this holiday season and push it back to March of 2012. We’re generally bummed out, but the choice came down to (1) we rush to fix some quality issues and get it out by Christmas or (2) we take our time to ensure that the quality is where it must be.

On one hand, everyone on this list has been waiting years for new product and waiting more is just too painful. We certainly understand that. One the other hand, we know that no one on this list wanted anything that wasn’t of top-notch quality. And that’s what we’ve been wrestling with. Some of the little things just haven’t been up to snuff. Are we picky? Are we perfectionists? Damn right we are. And we know you are too.

Let us pull back the curtain and let you know how we’re going to fix these problem. Next week, a very senior manager of the toy group is going to spend 2 weeks in China focusing on this issue. And we’ve also hired a new tooling development engineer in China. They will be working very closely over the next two weeks, and beyond. This should ensure that we’re on track for exciting, high quality toys.

And our plan is to have 3 waves of product in 2012, (March, June/July and October) so we’ll be on track for a very collectible line. We are still will doing this without making it too big & expensive for many of us to afford. And just so you know, we’re also keeping the prices where we have set them all along. No price increases.

We wanted you guys to know first. We’re letting retailers know right now too. We’ll put a press release to the general public late in the week. But you’re the core and deserve to know about this delay and the reasons behind it.

We’re frustrated, but we know this was the right thing to do. We hope you all agree.

Ed and Joe

So it’ll be a bit longer before we can get these cool figures. The good news is that they now should be arriving around the time that Marvel will be having Avengers headed to theatres. That will likely help sales.

Of course we all know the real reason for the delay…

Arch-nemesis of Captain Action… THE NEFARIOUS DR. EVIL!

4 Responses to Captain Action Figures Delayed

  • Mario says:

    F'n Dr. Evile!!!

    You know, we just have the same toy taste. Love this site.

    I was just linking this article to a friend of mine yesterday, saying that this info scared me a tad. I don't want this line to die. The good news was the announcement of Loki, & that we'd finally get a proper Red Skull figure.


  • Yeah I am very curious to see how this line pans out. I think the delay may be a positive in the long run anyway. While these might would do good during the Christmas rush, they may not light people on fire when they first came out in October. With the Avengers movie hype next year, these might do better.

    Of course, if the aisles are flooded with Avengers crap and it somehow doesn't turn into a big hit… Then it could be a problem.

  • Mario says:

    I hear ya. I just hope that they pop enough on the shelves, & entice both kids & parents into a CA frenzy. I needs me some Loki & Red Skull goodness!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Wow,those classic marvel sculpts are spot on!Saw this line looking for decent green hornet figures.

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