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The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is back for 2013! This week’s topic of discussion? It’s downright espionage!

Spies! Anything spy related. Choose your show, movie, character, gadget, toy, poster…

I wasn’t quite sure what to go with here. But then I remembered I just recently pieced together a custom Captain Action spy figure, so I thought why not show it off a bit more. This was influenced by the design of Archer, the FX cartoon TV show. Of course it could very well just be a generic Captain Action in spy form, too.

DSCN4133 copy
He was made using the basic Captain Action, along with a turtleneck sweater from a GI Joe. Add in some Joe weapons and Jesse Ventura’s Pants. Put it all together and you have a pretty neat looking spy figure.

DSCN4143 copy
I’m a pretty big fan of the old GI Joe Adventure Team Secret Mission to Spy Island, so this sort of pays tribute to that.

He’s geared up and ready to take on action wherever it may be. Captain Action has very much been re-imagined as a spy type in recent years, so it would make sense for Round 2 to do some sort of spy version of the figure. No idea if they ever will, though.

Just remember, he likes his martinis stirred, not shaken.

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