Captain Action Moonstone #1 Review
Captain Action #1
Moonstone Comics
Story by: Fabien Nicieza, Marv Wolfman
Art by: Mark Sparacio

We’re going to be reviewing two comics today, because I have so much content I want to get to in this Captain Action Advent Calendar and I don’t want to be too predictable with just doing comic reviews each day. So we’re going to look at Moonstone’s Captain Action #1 and Captain Action #2 in this review. Be sure to check out our review of the first issue, Captain Action #0 from a few days ago to fill you in on the setup. Remember, this Moonstone comic has no connection to the DC comic from the 1960’s.

When we last left Moonstone’s universe, the original Captain Action, Miles Drake, had been killed by rogue superheroes. The Captain’s son is the only one who knows about it, but after a life of partying and irresponsibility, he’s not eager to retake his father’s mantle. Now Cole Drake is forced back into being Captain Action and has to parade around as the heroes, to help unfold the mystery, and defeat the alien threat, the Red Crawl.

We learn more about the heroes, they are Savior (he’s basically Superman), Crescent, Offshoot, Green Circle and Flashpoint. They’re all sort of reminiscent of different Justice League heroes, but they have their own twists as well. It turns out that the late “Original” Captain Action, eventually developed a super suit of sorts that allowed him to mimic the powers of the superheroes. The catch is, it only lasts for a short time. This in addition to the plastiderm masks, gives Cole a chance for redemption in disguise.

Cole opts to disguise himself as Savior and take on the Green Circle. He catches Circle by surprise and nearly kills him. Along the way he’s caught by other members of the A.C.T.I.O.N team, but they’re not superpowered. Surprisingly, Cole is able to reveal to them the truth and they believe it.

The new Captain Action decides he may need another ally, leading to a reveal of a very strange looking Action Boy. And that’s the end of Issue #1. These Moonstone comics are shorter, as this one is packed with a Mandrake story as well. It’s not 25 days of Mandrake, so you’ll just have to pick that comic up if you want to know what happens in that.

Captain Action Moonstone #2 Review
Captain Action #2
Moonstone Comics
Story by: Fabien Nicieza, Marv Wolfman
Art by: Mark Sparacio

Issue #2 picks up where there first one left off, more or less. Cole is tracking down members of the Red Crawl, who also happen to be respected superheroes. He gets caught in a trap by Crescent, another of the heroes, in Russia. It doesn’t go as planned for the Captain, but he’s able to escape. Unfortunately now he’s gotten their attention and they know he’s after them.

The real Savior decides to set out to kill Captain Action… And yeah, that’s pretty much all that happens. These Moonstone books contain several stories, but only one of the modern Captain Action, so you only get 12-14 pages of that story. This one was mostly a fight. It’s a little annoying that we were teased the strange Action Boy in issue #1, but we get no follow up in this issue.

On the plus side, one of the backup stories in this comic is a “classic” Captain Action story. These are presumably missions of Miles Drake, although they don’t seem to be following much of the Red Crawl story. Instead they’re more like old spy stories. In this one, Captain Action tracks down some men on a train and puts on a half a dozen different disguises (they’re all just boring other random regular guys) and kills a dude. It’s a neat idea, if not necessarily very exciting.

The Moonstone series continues to be a mixed batch. On one hand, there are some great ideas here, but on the other we’re getting them in such small doses that it seems to be taking forever to get anywhere. The DC comics tended to be absurd and go all over the place, but at least there was some satisfaction with each comic. Of course, that says more about the state of modern comics versus vintage ones, more than anything I suppose. There was a time when you bought a comic and got a complete story.

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