Welcome to our exclusive C2E2 Day 1 recap. First off, the folks running the C2E2 event are really nice and had a great setup for press. Unfortunately the Wi-fi generally sucked and after spending 30 minutes trying to tweet various live updates with photos, I realized those would have to be few and far between.

C2E2 is very much a “COMIC” convention. So while there was a fair amount of general pop culture goodness, the majority was for comic fans. That’s okay by me, but I’m certain I would have enjoyed myself even more if going down artist’s alley held any interest. There wasn’t a lot going on Friday, so I spent the majority of my time perusing the main floor.

The Young Justice stuff in particular looked quite good up close. One thing I also noticed is how completely unaware most fans are that MOTU is back. I must have heard a 100 people comment on MOTUC as if they had never seen any of it before. Probably should have had more info about MattyCollector on location there. Of course having a website where people could go and order this stuff like NOW would be good too.

Mattel had a pretty good setup. I imagine this is a slightly tweaked display from their other shows. They also had several Mattel guys/designers on hand willing to chat it up with you. This is part of their goal to go out and get good PR or whatnot by hearing what the fans have to say. It’s good idea in premise, though I didn’t really feel like there was anything to be learned here and it was kind of hard to tell who the Mattel designers were from the clueless staffers. D’oh!

The Mattel booth was crowded early on and this problem was compounded by the fact that their on sale items were being sold inside the booth area. Making matters even worse, they stored all their product underneath the cases of their displays, so it was almost impossible to take decent photos as clerks kept coming over and getting in the way. I tried to get a few good pictures, but some turned out like crap. If there’s something in particular you want me to try and shoot tomorrow a little clearer, I will. Just drop a comment below.

Green Lantern seemed to be the big thing of the con. Mattel had a ton of Green Lantern stuff. It’s clearly the year of the Lantern.

There were some pretty good costumes, but I didn’t get many photographs. They had a costume contest, but it was held pretty early and the rules were a bit strange. The first 30 people to sign up got entered… Which meant that the contest itself was filled with people who had average costumes at best. None of the really good costumes were in the contest. In fact Skeletor (whom I did photo) tried to run on stage afterwards, but was told to beat it. Powergirl was the center of most men’s attention. Enough so that when I tried to get a photo of her and Orko some guy was so busy staring at her boobs he actually walked straight into me.

The floor got pretty packed, so the GF (who was along for the ride) and I decided to get something to eat. Sadly the people running the McCormick Center see this as a chance to make some quick scratch so prices were a bit steep. They weren’t the worst I’d ever seen, but still a bit overpriced. Hilariously they changed the name of all the food items to be comic themed. I guess that was to make you feel better about spending $9 on a cheeseburger.

The food wasn’t half bad… So that’s a plus.

After that it was back down to the floor. Tons of vendors on hand and really this is where you have to find the art of the deal. I saw some MOTUC figures for as low as $20, while other vendors had the exact same ones for closer to $40. I didn’t see many major ripoffs.

The Doctor Who store was there. Nothing really cool, but they did have a fair amount of Who merchandise. They also had a Dalek from the World War II episode this season. The guy who played Winston Churchill was giving out autographs at their booth too. I didn’t get one, there were a lot of people buzzing around.

While it would clear out at points, it could be quite a chore to move around.

The GF picked up a few Doctor Who shirts for herself, while I snagged a variety of Hellboy figures. One guy had a ton of great Mezco Hellboy stuff. I really could have bought all his stuff, if my GF wasn’t keeping me on a short spending leash. I managed to get some goodies though. Kriegaffe ( German for “war ape”) is nearly impossible to find so I was overjoyed to get him at the $20 price. I never thought I’d own him. This alone made C2E2 worth it.

Speaking of rare stuff, one guy actually had the original Tytus and Megator from the UK Masters of the Universe line. He wanted like a grand for them, I think.

It made me excited for the new Megator, actually.

Diamond had a lot of neat stuff for preview. A lot of it has already been shown elsewhere at previous cons, but it was good to see them give it a rollout here. Unfortunately their cases were cheap plastic, very dirty and generally made the presentation look shabby. I did peep a Viewtiful Joe Minimate, that I don’t recall hearing about before.

All in all, Day 1 was quite good. I didn’t really attend any panels or anything, though I probably will on Day 2. It was mostly convention show day and there was plenty to be seen.

Here’s leftover photos and such:

Believe it or not there are even MORE photos here: C2E2 Gallery

Photos Credit IH Photographer (Beth Tague) (C)

12 Responses to C2E2 Day One Recap

  • clark says:

    I stopped reading after you said you got Kriegaffe #10 for $20. I want to throw up. I don't know how many times I've bid on one on ebay, just to see the price skyrocket past my high bid (usually about $20) and go to $50-$80.
    Congratulations, looks like it could be fun. I have found that I actually like the Young Justice show, and am excited about the 6" figures that are coming out. Red Arrow looks pretty cool there, I haven't seen him before.

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    At nine bucks for a burger you could name it after me and it would still be too steep. But when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

    Mattel needs to rethink its Internet exclusive policy on MOTUC. It sounds like the DCUC/MOTUC two-packs aren't cutting the mustard promotion wise, despite their rapid sell-outs.

    Great work, btw!

  • Yeah, I haven't followed the Young Justice cartoon, but figures were quite neat looking. It was sort of strange though as Mattel had so much product out for various lines that I have to wonder if they don't over reach sometimes. Green Lantern must have had 12 different toy lines on display.

    Kriegaffe (which I was having a bit of trouble spelling on my phone lol) was a pretty early find for me and I couldn't hand the guy my money fast enough. I was totally blown away to find it. Hoping maybe I find some more goodies tomorrow.

  • It almost seems like they're phoning in the DCUC/MOTUC packs to me. The next two packs are "okay" but I question She-Ra/Supergirl. I was really astonished how few people knew about MOTUC there. I mean, I didn't take a poll or anything, but it seemed like most people didn't even know the line existed… And Mattel could have sold a TON of that stuff if it'd actually been available.

    I think that will always hold that line back. Cool figures available for a few hours one day a month just doesn't cut it in a sense.

    They had the JLU exclusives and it's the first time you can buy them. Lines weren't bad but I'm pretty much done with JLU so it was kind of bittersweet in that sense. Plus the $20 packs still have repacked figures. GAH!

  • undeadpool says:

    thanks for the pics! would you mind taking more pics of the marvel vs capcom 3 minimates? i know they were shown at toyfair but most of those pics have disapeared, i didnt get to see superskrull.

  • Rob_Mac says:

    Hey Newt, did you ask the guys at the doctor who booth when we would get to see a single packed 8th doctor figure, or when we'd get some more classic companions?

  • Newt says:

    No. The crew there weren't CO or Underground affiliated, just a vendor.

  • stewart green says:

    Nice to see Ian Mcniece at the show, he is a really nice person to talk to and will take the time to chat to you as much as you want.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Hah,great find man!Hah,the Powergirl cosplayer is known as BelleChere,she makes an awesome Ivy/soulcalibur and She-Hulk cosplay too!

  • Yeah she does a lot of different cosplay things. I've seen her around. She was also Ghost on Day 2. I think the other Power Girl may have been more imposing though.


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  • Charles says:

    Awesome. Was just looking up C2E2 (never been myself) and was curious if it was the type of place I'd like to visit. Your coverage came up in the results and it looks awesome. Going to reserve myself some tickets for this year! Can't wait!

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