As Twiki would say, “Beedeebeedeebeedee Hey Buck”! I’ve commented on these before, but the new promo shots of ZICA Toys Buck Rogers figures look fantastic. These guys have been able to take the Mego format and completely reinvent it. When these bad boys hit, they’re going to knock everybody else down a few pegs.

The fact that each set of figures comes with such a detailed costume, accessories and an extra set of hands for $30 more or less says it all. The other guys are ripping us off. I’m really glad to see ZICA take a step back and do this thing right.

Of course there hasn’t come a final product yet, but with ZICA already snagging new licenses like Adam West, it’s really only a matter of time. Buck Rogers looks better every time I see it and I can’t wait to have a few of these in my hand. Now we need ZICA to get the license for classic Doctor Who!

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  • Bill says:

    If I was going to buy any Mego-style figure (wasn't thrilled with them, even back in the day, when they were the only game in town), it would be some of these! These do look great! Hope they make Twiki with Dr. Theopolis hanging on his neck.

    We must temper our enthusiasm, however. A lot can go wrong in production of the actual figures. Here's hoping, though!

  • Agreed. As I understand it the ZICA bodies really aren't much of anything like the old MEGO bodies. They're Mego influenced, but taking everything to the modern level. I was going to buy a couple ZICA bods, but they sold out before I could. Everything I've seen on them looks top notch, so I have high hopes.

  • Fengschwing says:

    These do look great, but is there going to be much interest outside Buck and Hawkman?

  • Tarman13 says:

    I'm HOPING for a Wilma Dearing and a Princess Ardella… Twiki, is another HOPE– I'm also really hoping that Zica will make more for everyone to enjoy, PLEASE, i beg of you not to make a limited run of these FIGURES make them plentiful and with extra pack accessories like different OUTFITS ETC.

    Now for other Figures maybe Space 1999, Planet of the Apes, Possibly even DUKES of HAZZARD–who knows, Really the POSSIBILITIES are endless!!!

  • It's cool to see these out in the world now. I sculpted the first set of these for ZICA and it was a fun project (The Buck has been re-done from the one I finished). It's nice to see that they've been warmly received. Joy and Tom studios have done a great job finishing up these pieces. I hope they sell well and that ZICA becomes the new benchmark for Mego figures.

  • Joseph Tages says:

    ZICA is my favorite new toy company thanks to this line. I loved the 70's Buck Rogers TV show and the Mego format fits these like a glove. I got Buck and Tiger Man and they look great. If the quality of the first two figures is any indication, we might be seeing a lot of neat stuff down the pike.

  • Justinightmare says:

    ZICA didn t come out with Twiki who is the R2D2 of Buck Rogers come on? No Colonel Wilma Deering(Erin Gray) Princess Ardala,Draco and Dr Huer? When will they come out with them ?

  • Justinightmare says:

    Maybe ZICA Toys can perhaps release V action figures from the series V back in the 80's! That's an idea don t you think?

  • Justinightmare says:

    When are the ZICA Buck Rogers action figures available?

  • Supposedly Twiki will be in Wave 2. So long as Wave 2 happens.

  • Not a bad idea.

  • They're available now. Just the first wave.

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