Today we’re diving into a little bit of the “Infinite Cuisine” realm of things, with a beverage made from the best stuff on Earth. What am I talking about? Snapple of course! Not just any Snapple though, I’m reviewing the rare and mysterious Celebrity Apprentice Bret Michaels’ Trop-A-Rocka!

Bret Michaels: “My new tea is taste bud tested and rocker approved. I chose to create a Diet Snapple because I am a lifelong type-1 diabetic and I know together we can find a cure for diabetes. And just like being a diabetic doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice having a rockin’ good time, Diet Snapple doesn’t sacrifice great taste. My Snapple-osophy is simple: awesome taste, the best ingredients and low calories. And now The Best Stuff on Earth is better for me.”

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ll know I’ve been looking for this sweet nectar ever since the Celebrity Apprentice finale ended. See, I’m a pretty big fan of Celebrity Apprentice, but as fate would have it my GF was out of town when the finale aired. So I just DVRed the show and when she got back in town a week later, we watched to see who had won. Prior to that I had briefly saw the Snapple displays, but avoided them in fear of finding out who won.

As it turns out, unbeknownst to me Snapple made both finalists beverages, but after a week had passed I could only find Holly Robinson Peete’s Compassionberry Tea. At first I thought this was because Snapple made more of it than Trop-A-Rocka. I was finding cases upon cases of Peete’s drink, but none of Michaels’. Surely it didn’t all sell out, right? It seemed on the show that they liked her’s a bit more than his, despite agreeing to make both. What I learned rather quickly however, is that Bret Michaels’ tea was so good that it had sold out EVERYWHERE in that week.

The finale aired in March and it’s now the end of August and I just now found Bret’s tea. I have went across state lines looking for this stuff, just to try it out and couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally a local grocer got a case stack in and they’ve sold through it like crazy. So how is it?

In a word, AWESOME! This tea is probably the best Snapple ever. I tried the Compassionberry Tea and to be honest, it kind of sucked. It was good for like one bottle, but not a case. It had the same problem that I think many Snapples have, which is that it’s too fruity and sweet.

Trop-A-Rocka is the total opposite as it hits a great spot where it’s sweet, but not too sweet. The cinnamon gives it a little kick, which is nice. I’m not even a fan of cinnamon, but it’s great here. This is also a DIET drink and to my amazement there is no nasty aftertaste.

Incredibly the drink only has 10 calories and 10mg sodium. Which means it’s quite a lot better than most sugary sodas (another love of mine). It’s got a very refreshing taste and I can drink several in a row without ever feeling like I’m being attacked by sugar. It’s just a brilliant, velvety tasting, bit of liquid heaven.

Snapple needs to get more of this on the shelves pronto, we’ve already bought 6 cases in our household with hopefully more to come (if we can find it!) and they also need to make this a permanent flavor. Don’t be scared by the Diet moniker, or the fact that it’s got Bret Michaels and Donald Trump on the label. This stuff is good!

5 Responses to Bret Michaels Diet Snapple Trop-A-Rocka Review

  • Beth, the GF says:

    I totally agree! I absolutely love it! I was going to tell you that we should go back to the grocery and see if we can pick up a couple more (just for safe measures.)

  • Rhonda says:

    I have been looking everywhere I go for Bret's Trop A Rocka. Have been unable to find it, until now. It is great!! I tried Holly's tea which was ok but I will not buy anymore. Trop A Rocka is a light tropical taste that is refreshing. I hope grocery stores and department stores and even quick stops or truck stops carry this. My work takes me to many places, and I would like to be able to go into a store that sells carbonated beverages and find Trop A Rocka. Please keep making it–it is great!! Awesome!! I have drank diet snapple for a long while. Please continue to make Trop A Rocka and keep in stock everywhere!!

  • Gigohead says:

    I lOVE THIS TEA!! Now I'm on the hunt to find a case of this!!!

  • Crystal says:

    I just found out about this tea, tried it yesterday and it is sooo good! didn't know it had cinnamon in it, of the greatest things about it is that it is diet & has NO carbs! I hope it stays permanent, too

  • Thanks for the comment. As best I can tell, they are going to keep it around. It's been well over a year now and I still see it on the shelves. Not so much for Holly Robinson's drink. Glad you found it, enjoyed it and let us hear about it!

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