What if someone like Quentin Tarantino made a gritty grindhouse style exploitation movie, but did it with GI Joe and his international Eagle Eye counterpart, Action Man? Well that’s what amateur filmmaker and YouTube user bombstalker did in 1994. He started with a simple vision and it took him until 1996 to finish the project, using only an old Video8 camera pressing the pause button on and off to do short frames.

In 2007 he touched it up a bit in Final Cut Pro and the end result was uploaded to YouTube. To say the film is graphic and violent would be an understatement, but it’s more important to note just how awesome this movie is. The gory effects are great and since this was filmed with primitive effects and equipment of the 1990’s it gives it an authentic 1970’s grindhouse horror vibe. Watch all three parts and trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

The vision, the effects, the direction… It all adds up to an epic movie experience. You’d think he’d made this on a high budget with lots of man power and sophistication. However this was done as a labor of love and shows off just how creativity and ingenuity can create something special. Now that’s what I call playing with your toys!

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