While many fans know of the similarities between John Blackstar and his cartoon adventures, to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, not everyone knows that Blackstar actually appeared in an episode of the original Filmation cartoon. Blackstar had been a Filmation cartoon just before Masters of the Universe and in many ways set the tone for the upcoming MOTU show. Incredibly, Filmation reused many character models, sound effects and backgrounds for their new He-Man show. Of course, this was often par for the course in those days.

Blackstar Statue in He-Man

But in the early Masters of the Universe first season episode, “Temple of the Sun”, a statue of John Blackstar appears. It’s only on the screen for a few seconds, but it’s clearly there. Blackstar’s Starsword is visible, as is his medallion. Clearly Filmation was putting this into the show as a nice little nod to their previous program, but it’s become much more than just a little Easter Egg. For fans of MOTU, this links the two programs together with a nod to the mythos of Blackstar.

Blackstar Statue2

Did Blackstar land on Eternia at some point? Was Blackstar’s adventures on an ancient Eternia? It would certainly explain many of the similarities. Ultimately this fun little throw away scene, has added a lot of intrigue and mystery to the Masters of the Universe lore. Something Filmation never would have known they were doing all those years ago.

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  • Mark says:

    That is awesome I never noticed the Blackstar statue in the episode before…although I only seen the episode once a couple years ago.

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