Never let it be said that I’m not a true fan. Last year on Black Friday I braved the long lines and chaos at Target to simply look for GI Joes. Yes, while everyone else was after big screen TVs and discount video games, I was looking for Joes. Yet Hasbro still doesn’t send me samples? Blasphemy! In 2008 my Black Friday trip produced a single GI Joe 25th B.A.T. and I was overjoyed. At the time BATs were very hard to come by. I ended up with two BATs that day.

This year I went back out into the madness to see what I could score. I was looking for the DCUC Wave 10, but I know better than to go to Walmart when they open. I mean, I’m crazy and I’m a fan but I don’t want to get stabbed. So I headed out to Target again this year, hoping to maybe score something good. Here’s what the line looked like:

So what did I come away with? Well before the day was over I had quite a few deals, but at this Target I managed to get only one thing of importance, a single JLU 3 Pack. I already bought the other new JLU 3 Packs, but I hadn’t bought the Blackhawk pack and since it was on sale for $11.99 I had to get it. Huzzah for Black Friday! Worth it?

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