Rumor has it that on December 17th, 2010 we’ll see several big openings. says that Tron 2.0, The Green Hornet along with Yogi Bear and the Smurfs will be released on that day. Can you imagine the competition if all four of those movies get released on the same day?

I think that’ll get changed before the movies actually open, but I have to admit if all four of those films opened on the same day I’d be torn on which one I’d go see. Most people would tell you Tron would win out, but I’m sure Yogi or Smurfs could take the box office as well. Christmas time, kids movie, it could happen.

I’m looking forward to all of those movies, well except Yogi because I haven’t seen anything on that. Assuming that Yogi Bear isn’t some terrible CGI rendition though, I’d probably go see that too. Even if these release dates get shuffled around a little bit, it looks like December could be a big month for movie releases.

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