Big Man Japan is a movie that’s hard to truly explain. It’s essentially a Kaiju mockumentary that plays out a bit like Spinal Tap of Godzilla. Imagine a world where men became sumo wrestler-like superheroes. The story is about Daisato, a man who is part of an ancient tradition of Japanese warriors who can turn into men of gigantic proportions. What purpose would a man have into a giant? Well if you know anything about Japan, you know it’s constantly under attack by giant monsters. So of course, these giant men protect Japan from the invading monsters.

Daisato is our hero, but he’s mostly a loser. Nobody really likes him and he’s not the best at what he does. Daisato’s forefathers were highly regarded for their ability to fight giant monsters and defend Japan, but people aren’t as fond of Daisato. The movie is a bit like Hancock in that sense, as this is a story of Daisato trying to reclaim the greatness of his tradition.

The film has fantastic visuals that go from really impressive CGI to sometimes pretty average CGI. Still the creatures that Daisato has to face are utterly mind bending and you’ll be amazed at some of the things you’ll see. There are some real moments where you can truly imagine how good a Kaiju film could be with CGI and there are some moments where you’ll definitely be left scratching you’re head. These are some of the neatest monster designs to ever hit the silver screen.

If you’re into Godzilla or Gamera or just want to take a look into the often bizarre world of Japan, you can’t go wrong with Big Man Japan. It’s a deadpan comedy but it’s also a pretty awesome monster movie in it’s own right. Be warned that it’s subtitled, but that’s usually a good thing.

Big Man Japan is out now on DVD and you can find it on Netflix as well.

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