It really pains me to say this because I’ve been a big fan of Mego and Mego-like figures this past year. It was a new genre I got into and I think it’s quite fun and quite adaptable. Then there comes the Venture Brothers and I think no toyline has excited me with the possibilities like the Venture Brothers has. There’s such a deep cast of characters that could instantly be made into awesome toys. I can see waves and waves of the line being successful.

Unfortunately when BifBangPow got the license to produce the Venture Brothers, I was skeptical. Their Flash Gordon Figures showed potential, but definitely needed to be improved upon if they wanted to make Venture Brothers the huge hit that it by all rights should be.

Which brings me to today. BifBangPow has now officially announced their plans for the Venture Brothers and at the moment, it’s purely Mego-style figures. Easily one of the biggest mistakes in the history of toys. Right up there with the original Mego company not getting the license to Star Wars. Look, I think some Mego style Ventures in addition to the regular toys would be fine, but when I think of a Venture Brothers toyline I think of stuff like this:

Surely Jason Lenzi and the crew at BifBangPow can’t be this dense. Outside of about 6 or 7 characters, most of the Venture team won’t even work as Mego-like toys. Plus Mego style figures are a niche product. This would be like Reebok getting the license to make Air Jordans but deciding to make them socks instead of shoes. It’s an idea destined to failure or at best mediocre success. I’ll probably still buy a few, but nowhere near as many as I would have bought if they’d produced traditional action figures.

BifBangPow, hear my plea, make cool, super articulated, well done figures. Take a page out of the Palisades book and make some proper Venture Brothers figures. Don’t waste this license.

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