Mego Doctor Who is back and in a big way… Well sort of. BifBangPow will be doing modern Mego versions of the 4th Doctor and other classic characters very soon. This also includes BBP doing a variety of other things with Who, but on tap first is a retro Who line. I’m all for it as my love of Megos is growing and Doctor Who had a Mego line in the 70’s by Deny Fisher. Check out the press release. No photos yet (these pics are of the old line) but we’ll update when they hit.

TOYFARE EXCLUSIVE: “Doctor Who” will finally be getting 8-inch cloth costumed figures, thanks to the retro wizards at Bif Bang Pow! (makers of similar figures for “Venture Bros.,” “Twilight Zone” and more).

It might be a shock, but despite being an icon of countless ’70s childhoods, “Doctor Who” never got a Mego figure. Oh sure, a line was developed by Mego and released in the U.K. by Denys Fisher, but those figures were in a 10-inch scale, and not compatible with the 8-inch Mego figures from Marvel, DC, Star Trek and more. And modern figures from Character Options are 5 inches and plastic.

Now a great injustice is about to be righted. Bif Bang Pow!, makers of Mego-esque retro figures for properties like “The Venture Bros.” and “Twilight Zone” will be releasing a range of products featuring classic and modern “Doctor Who”—including 8-inch retro cloth-costumed figures!

“When I first saw the show, I wondered, ‘Where are the toys?’” says Jason Lenzi CEO of BBP!. “[As a child] I went to England and figured the toys would be everywhere, but there was nothing. So it’s a thrill to be working on these toys.”

Although BBP!’s license includes modern and classic versions of the show (as well as ancillary items like bobbleheads, tins, glassware and journals), first out of the gate will be the greatest Doctor of the ’70s, and the first exposure most Americans born before 1995 had to the series: Fourth Doctor Tom Baker. Prototypes for Baker and three other figures, all drawn from the Baker era of the show, will premiere at next month’s International Toy Fair in New York, with a planned launch for sale at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July (along with one or two SDCC-exclusive variants).

Depending on reaction from retailers and fans, subsequent series might draw on the current eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, starring Matt Smith, as well as his companions and enemies. Either way, according to Lenzi, there are plans to make all of the Doctors, eventually.

Now if only BBP! could figure out how to time-travel back to the ’70s, they’d make a lot of kids back then happy.

For our wishlist of who we want to see in BBP!’s line, pick up ToyFare #163, on sale 1/19 in comic shops.

5 Responses to BifBangPow Mego-style Doctor Who Classics

  • Bill says:

    I really don't care for the Mego style, and I am disappointed with BBP's Venture Bros. figures. If they make a Cyberman or a K9, though, I will have to buy them.

    2011 is going to be harder on my wallet than 2010 was!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Megos are cool,never had them,but I did beg for a hulk mego with a white shirt to no success.I actually liked the Venture Bros. figures,it was meant to be disappointingly retro.These Dr.who ones look cool but the Dr. kinda looks more Ken doll like than Tom Baker.

  • Well that's the old Mego Baker and it's rumored that it wasn't actually intended to be Baker but Mego used it anyway. Because the likeness on Leela was really good.

  • I like Mego as it's own separate thing. So long as we've got a real Doctor Who line, I don't mind a secondary line like this. Especially since it'll be US produced! Which means they'll be easier to find in the states. HUZZAH!

  • Lt. Clutch says:

    I thought the 70's Mego-like Fourth Doctor was an actual eight-inch U.S. figure but it turns out he was taller. I can see them doing a lot of characters from the Tom Baker era, but Jon Pertwee and the 80's stuff (Davison, C. Baker, and McCoy) should prove to be interesting in this type of scale.

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