If you’ve seen the “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”, Beastie Boys music video, you’ve likely seen that the whole video is portrayed as action figures. Now you can actually buy replicas of the figures. They come in a three pack and the proceeds go to charity. The figures are packaged in a 16×12″ metal box with three 1/6 figures.

(1 MCA, 1 Mike D, 1 Ad Rock – each 11.5″ tall)
Action Figures come dressed in button down shirts, pants, and shoes
3 Doll Stands
3 White Jump Suits
3 Safety Goggles
3 pairs of Work Boots
3 Safety Vests
3 Belts
3 Japanese Decal Stickers
3 Extra Hand Attachments

If you want to buy the Beastie Boy Figures be prepared to pay, though. It’s $750 for the three pack. Even with all that, it’s a ton of money. Still it’s a pretty neat idea and the money is going to charity, so that’s not too bad. If you’re a die-hard Beastie Boy fan, you might want to pick these guys up.

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