Prefacing this review I’ll confess that I’ve only seen about 10 minutes of the new Battlestar Galactica. Crazy right? I just have better things to do with my time it seems. I just got caught up with the new Doctor Who, what more do you want from me? Plus I still have Galactica 1980 on my to do list.

But I do have fond memories of the original Battlestar Galatica which is what prompted this impulse buy over the weekend. The Battle Damaged Cylon Pilot action figure from Battlestar Galactica. This is from the new show, but the design of the Cylon is very similar to the old Cylon. That is to say if the old Cylon was a robot instead of a dude in a crappy suit.

I’m a fan of clunky robots and I’ve said that before. I have no use for a “sleek” robot. I want my robots to look like they were built by General Motors and run on gas. Seriously, that’s why Robocop is so cool. He’s not sleek, he’s a big metal monster. That’s how I like my robots and that’s what drew me in to this figure.

Pretty average cardback here with a nice durable hard shell. It wasn’t too hard to open and the packaging is pretty attractive if not a little boring. I like the fact that the BG logo is present on the top and although it’s the new logo it still looks very retro. This is a TRU exclusive so it has that little seal they put on all their exclusives.

Inside is a basic tray with a few twist ties. Not ML crazy, but more than most figures I’ve had to open in recent weeks. Part of this could be because this figure seems delicate and maybe they knew if it was headed to Toys R’ Us, some bratty 8 year olds would be kicking them down the aisle.

I was afraid to buy this figure because I wasn’t sure he was going to have any useful articulation. Especially since he’s squatted down in the package like he’s about to take a mechani-dump. Much to my surprise this guy has a LOT of articulation. So many points of articulation that I very well may miss a few. It’s hard to see where all he turns and bends.

Let’s start at the top and move our way down. He has a cut neck, ball jointed shoulders, swivel just below the shoulders, elbow joint complete with working piston (Think Movie Maniac Robocop), swivel bicep and swivel wrist!

Going on down the line he has swivel waist which is a bit limited, ball jointed legs but they too have some hindrance so he won’t do the splits. Knee joints with the pistons that connect to the ankle joints. That gets a bit tricky to explain but the figure can basically adjust his legs via the pistons and joints to either walk upright like a human or hunker down and walk like ED-209. Very cool.

He also has swivel knees and somewhat limited (because of the piston) rocker ankles. I don’t really know how people count up articulation points and what counts and what doesn’t, but know this, he’s VERY articulated.

When I first read that this was a “Battle Damaged” Cylon Pilot, I passed on him. I assumed he was missing parts. I’ve been taught over the years that battle damaged is slang for “missing 2/3 of his body”… But it turns out that in this case “Battle Damage” is simply a dirty paint wash. Although the original Battlestar Galatica Cylons were so clean they sparkled, I actually like the dirty look and he doesn’t appear damaged to me at all. Just weathered.

This ain’t your Daddy’s Cylon… Well he sort of is.

One of the neat features about this robot is that he has the classic Cylon head and backpack, shoved on a body that’s a hybrid of the aforementioned ED-209 and the Terminator. It makes for an impressive look and for my money this is what all the Cylons in the new show should have looked like. The Darth Vader head is what most people remember from the classic Cylons and I was sad when the new show’s Cylons didn’t look like that.

Apparently I wasn’t alone and the reason this model of Cylon came around was because many people wanted some Cylons to look like their old selves. Very cool that the show’s producers created these metal monsters and even cooler that Diamond Select Toys have brought them to life in figure form. As I often find myself saying, “This is the toy I wanted when I was a kid”… And although the vintage Cylons didn’t look exactly like this, it’s how a 10 year old me imagined them to look.

Finally someone didn’t rape my childhood with their re-imagining, but rather made sweet, sweet love to it.

He’s got more pistons than ASIMO!

The full figure ends up being nearly 8 1/2 inches tall when fully upright. Of course he actually looks better a little squatted, so you can probably squeeze him in to any line you choose. In fact, this guy would be a killer 3 3/4 villain. Cobra Commander’s new battle droid? Maybe.

Paint on the figure is very well done. Since this is supposed to be battle damaged he has a black wash all over him. I like it, but if you prefer shiny Cylons you might not. Every one in the store seemed to have a different level of wash, so that’s pretty cool in that sense. Pick one that you like or buy the undamaged version for shiny Cylons.

Scale wise he’s probably a bit big for some folks, but honestly he’s a robot. You can fudge his scale a bit. To me, as I said above he’d look good in a 6 inch line or one half that size. It’s up to you if this is just a “big” robot or a GIANT one.

The one weak area for this figure is that he comes with nothing but a measly blaster. After all the nice work on the rest of the figure the blaster looks pretty generic and the paint aps on it aren’t very good. On the plus side and this is key, it fits perfectly into either hand and is actually sculpted so that his finger is on the trigger every time.

Additional Notes:
I can’t find what makes this a “pilot” Cylon, which was another thing that originally turned me away from this figure. He appears to be the same in every way to the Warrior Cylon, but maybe I needed to watch the show to tell the difference. Regardless, if you like big clunky robots (And I do) you can’t go wrong with this guy.

$13 and some change. Hey that’s not bad. Marvel Universe runs for almost as much and doesn’t include half the plastic. He’s articulated out the ying-yang and he’s the nicest that any classic Cylon has ever looked. He’s a little weak on accessories, but he’s definitely worth the price to me. This is just as comparable to a Marvel Legend of DC Universe Classic that would run for around the same price, but he doesn’t have any BAF… Your mileage may vary.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Blaster
Value – 8
Overall – 8.5 out of 10

This is a cool figure. I find his joints to be a little loose and they started getting loose pretty easily. But he holds a pose fine and none of the “major” joints are loose. He didn’t have any stuck joints, but I will confess that this is probably a brittle figure. He’s not one to give to the kids, unless your kids are responsible future toy collectors. But for us pushing 30 or plus he’s a real winner.

As my GF said to me when we were in the line at TRU, “Look he’s even age appropriate, 8+ so you qualify”. This is the Cylon toy I’ve wanted since I was 8 and it feels great to get him.

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