Maybe I’m just a sucker for themed sets, but I stumbled across this old Hasbro Batman Animated Series set that I thought was pretty cool. Now let me be clear, I’ll probably never buy this. I mean, I already have all these figures in their regular colors. My point about the set is, that it’s a pretty nifty little theme pack. It’s an instant story for kids to play. I hate pointless variants, but in an instance like this it’s not just a random repainted Batman, but an actual story and reasoning for the repaint.

Poison Ivy has unleashed havoc on the city of Gotham and Bruce and Tim have to put on special costumes to combat her evil noxious poisons. While there is no doubt that Hasbro and Kenner at times overdid the “Batman variants”, I can truly appreciate a set like this. This came out in 2002 and is pretty rare overall. That might be the best Poison Ivy to date, I really like her color scheme. That Tim Drake Robin isn’t bad either. The Bat suit isn’t as good, but it’s not terrible. My main gripes there would be the bent knees and the windblown cape, which I never cared for.

Am I the only one who appreciates these sorts of things? From a collector standpoint, it might not make a lot of sense, but from a kid playing point of view it seems awesome. I know I absolutely LOVED my old Dark Knight Collection Arctic Batman because I always had him use that gear when he did battle with my Super Powers Mr. Freeze. I probably would have picked this set up when I was a kid, especially at it’s like $15 original retail price.

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  • Charles in Charge says:

    Cool set. Never seen that before. The one thing I liked about Hasbro/Kenner with their Batman sculpts is that they updated it a few times. The original was still one of the best, but they did tweak it and add new ones. I think if JLU didn't re-release the same figures over and over, a theme pack like this would have worked better for that line. When you justify the repaint, even if it's silly, like you said, it makes it more toyetic and kid friendly.

  • Definitely. That's how I feel about it.

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