Ultra Monster Series (Modern)
EX Red King
6 Inch Scale
By: Bandai

As we round things up during Ultraman Week, I thought it might be fun to do a modern version of what we started with and that’s Red King. Last time I reviewed the 1983 version, but today I’m looking at EX Red King, which is one of the newest versions of the monsters. He actually debuted in a video game, Ultraman Fighting Revolution: Rebirth. He did eventually appear on TV, however, in Ultraman Neo.

Aliens, frustrated with the Ultra heroes constant abilities to defeat them, begin to revive Ultraman’s greatest rivals. These aliens are not content to just revive them, but improve them upon resurrection in hopes to create the ultimate monsters to stop the Ultramen. Red King is reborn with lava and magma to become the most powerful version of Red King yet, Red King EX!

It makes sense that Red King would come back as an EX version, since Red King has historically been a tough character for Ultraman to deal with. The EX version has one of the coolest looks, with huge Popeye forearms and fists as well as a neat lava look to him.

As always he comes with nothing more than a simple tag. In Japan, these vinyls would hang by the dozens on a peg by their hooks. Definitely not something that would happen here in the states.

Interesting note about this tag, typically it would have a “Data Cardass” system card with it. This would be strung through with the hook. The card can actually be swiped in arcade machines in Japan and allow you to use EX Red King in the arcade machine. Cool gimmick, but mine is missing it. I don’t know if someone stole it, or Bandai stopped packing them after a while. Not that there’s an arcade with any Ultraman games here anyway.

Even though EX Red King definitely has a color scheme and look to him, he’s not that much different than regular Red King. I’ve seen people repaint a standard Red King in EX colors and it’s hard to tell the difference. With the exception of the forearms, naturally.

The cool magma look that he has however, definitely makes him pop out. He appears to be cast in orange, with blacks and brown washes over him. He may have some orange wash too, I’m not sure because there does seem to be some parts of his coloring that almost “glows”.

Strangely, despite this being the “super” version of Red King… He’s tiny. Coming in at around 5 inches, this guy looks much smaller than the normal Red King. That’s not show accurate. I’m not sure why they made him so much smaller, but Bandai has on occasion made figures out of scale.

I must confess, though, I love the little guy element. It makes him seem more scrappy to me. It also helps to make him look different than the other Red Kings on the shelf. Of course it doesn’t really make him look powered up though.

Regardless of size, he’s got a lot of charm. He looks like a little grenade, or pineapple, if you will.

Red King EX’s head sculpt is superb, with red eyes, painted teeth and plenty of character. He’s got a lot more detail than the 1983 version, that’s for sure.

Typically Bandai vinyls don’t have a lot of articulation, but EX Red King packs a point that I rarely see on these guys.

In addition to arm cuts, leg cuts and a tail cut, EX Red King has forearm swivels. That really helps give him some character, so he can provide a variety of punches. He’s still limited, pose wise, but it helps.

He’s a fun addition for battles.

At $12 or so, depending on where you find him, he’s a decent value. He has more articulation and paint work than most Bandai vinyls. He’s too small, though, and he’s not articulated enough to command a higher price. If you’re okay with his size and want a little something different, he’s a good toy.

Score Recap:
Packaging – N/A
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – N/A
Value – 7
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

If you want another Red King, EX Red King will definitely stand out. His stature makes him unintentionally stand out, but I like that. You mileage may vary. One thing is for certain, he’s got a cool look about him. Since he’s a vinyl, you could easily repaint a regular Red King, then steal this figure’s arms and have a larger sized EX Red King.


As Captain Planet used to say, the power is yours…

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