Some interesting new developments on the homebrew toy front, as the guys over at Working Class Villains have put together a unique new toy line. It’s called Backyard Legends, Action Figures of Yore. The concept is to recreate those “second string” toy line characters that aren’t licensed by any major toy companies today. Basically taking say anything Remco ever produced and turning it into a modern toy line, MOTUC style. You can see more at their Backyard Legends Facebook.

Of course these figures are completely unlicensed and as such, they are simply an homage to classic characters. First up in the “Prince of Crystal” who is similar to one of my old favorite toy line characters, Crystar. Right now they’re taking “pledges” that sort of work like preorders. If you’re just looking to help fund the project, you can donate any amount. If you’re looking to buy the Prince, he’ll run you a $45 donation. There are various levels of pledges. Think of it as PBS fund raiser for plastic! You can check that out at the Backyard Legends Kickstart Donation Page.

I really like the $200 level, which sees you get the Prince, a custom colored Prince of your choice and the follow up character based off of Moltar. Of course that’s a lot of bones to donate to a cause without a single figure produced. We’re going to keep an eye on the Backyard Legends and we’ll report back when more news comes about. The preliminary work looks excellent and all indications seem to say that this outfit knows what they’re doing. Production is supposed to start this January, so let’s hope this turns into a rousing success.

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