Today I’ve got a little something different. I’ve been talking up this Entertainment Earth Exclusive Delorean (Version II now sold out) and I got it in the mail this past week. I’ve been wanting to review it, but with all the lights and sounds it seems more fitting of a Youtube style review than a full text review. What I’ve done is included a full video here, highlighting some of the features and some examples of figures that fit with this toy. In addition, after the cut I have some of the highlights of this in text, my usual score run down and some pictures as well. If you don’t like video reviews, go for the short and dirty after the cut.

The package is very nice. It really looks like it should be on a retail shelf somewhere but it is an Entertainment Earth exclusive. I suspect the regular version will have a similar package. You can reach inside and press the button to activate the lights and sounds. It comes in “trial” mode.

The interior of the box is nice too with a faux road and some flames. I doubt many collectors will keep these in their boxes but they are easy to put back into them for storage which is handy. Diamond Select could have phoned in the boxes, but it’s nice that they didn’t.

There is a lot of good stuff here. The sculpt itself feels very solid and not cheap at all. For the price point it feels very sturdy. There are tons of little details all over this thing and the interior is surprisingly detailed as is the back of the Delorean. Back to the Future experts will probably find minor errors throughout, but for most folks it’ll be perfect.

I can’t stress just how bright these lights are, but they really glow. They look pretty neat when photographed too, but it doesn’t really do justice to how bright these things are. It comes with batteries included and since this hasn’t ever been on a retail shelf, you don’t have to worry about little Timmy running down the batteries before you ever get it out of the package.

The wheels are real rubber and not cheaply made. Switching to flight mode is done with the flick of a button, but it never switches on it’s own which is nice. This thing is surprisingly well engineered. The interior has tons of detail but the seatbelts are sculpted onto the seats which seems like a missed opportunity.

My biggest pleasant surprise is probably the working side view mirrors. It’s just little mirrored stickers but it’s pretty cool that they work. There is a fair amount of sticker work on the inside and I did have a little issue with one of my flux capacitor stickers popping up a bit. Still all in all the stickers are well done as is the paint. The Mr. Fusion even has the logo on it.

Additional Notes:
Star Wars, Star Trek and vintage GI Joes all fit fairly well depending on the figure. This fits true scale 3 3/4 figures best, but I had a lot of success with modern Joes and Marvel Universe as well. Pretty much anyone will fit in the passenger seat, but the steering wheel on the driver’s side interferes with a lot of figures. If they have bulkier legs, they probably won’t fit. You could rip out the steering wheel and then anyone will fit.

For the price you’d be hard pressed to find a better vehicle. It ran at around $45 shipped. The exclusive version appears to be sold out, but you can get the regular version at Entertainment Earth right now. I suspect Entertainment Earth might get a second batch of these in at a later date because they were a big seller. Don’t miss your chance to get this one or you’ll be outta time and outta luck: Order Back to the Future II DeLorean Vehicle Exclusive!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Value – 8
Overall – 9 out of 10

This could be a 8 or a 9 depending on how much you like it. I almost never buy this sort of stuff as it didn’t fit into any of my current collections. That said, I’m very happy I plunked down the money on this thing. It’s got a great look to it and it’s a fun vehicle for my figures to be posed in. Let’s face it, I’ll never own a real Delorean, so this is as good as it gets.

Pretty fly for a Hammer guy!

It’s back in stock for a limited time, shipping in August of 2012: Order Back to the Future II DeLorean Vehicle – EE Exclusive from Entertainment Earth!

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