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Brach's Candy Corn Review
Halloween is all about candy, right? Undoubtedly. I’m not super old or anything, but the fact of the matter is that, over the course of the last 5-7 years, the amounts of candy put out at Halloween time is just crazy, and the mad rush to get new candies out there, even crazier! Couple that with Wal-Mart and Target making their own candies, and you’ve got a real case of diabetes on your hands!

With that, we cannot review each candy separately—we would be here until Christmas, only to fall into another candy coma (it’s almost just as bad, you know Jesus and Christmas candy go hand-in-hand). So, we bring you…. CANDY CORN CORNICOPIA! Now, I didn’t eat a lot of candy corn growing up, so I hardly ever buy it now; however, I was scoping out candy for reviews in Walgreens and came across the new Starburst Candy Corn, and decided to grab a couple other flavors (rather than the original) and give it to you all at once—blow your mind. Thus, we also have S’mores and Pumpkin Spice from Brach’s. From a visual aspect, each has its own appeal, as the S’mores are made to mock S’mores colors, and so on. You know what I mean? Right.

In the end, it’s freakin’ candy corn. Each tasted okay, but the S’mores and Starburst Fruit Corn were most likely the best. The Pumpkin Spice tasted like every other pumpkin spice stuff out there (unless, you are referring to Jamba Juice’s Pumpkin Smash, which I highly endorse, because I could live off those).

Wolfman Candy Corn
These kinds of candies are clearly for individual enjoyment, as I don’t think it is wise (at least not anymore) to hand out unwrapped candy. Some jerk-off ruined that years ago. So, at only $0.99 a bag, you can totally afford to pick these up, and enjoy some, or not. Or throw them at people, or use them as teeth if yours fall out from candy consumption, or you know, whatever. I think, much like twinkles, these things may last forever!

Halloween Jell-O Review

Is it wrong to not like Jell-O? I’m not really sure, because I haven’t come across too many people who don’t enjoy it, except myself. Who knows, some may even consider it Un-American. But, in the spirit of Halloween, and all those super holiday inspired goodies out there, I am experiencing, with you, how to make Jell-O Jigglers. Look, don’t consider me completely weird. I’ve made Jell-O before. I have just never actually made the Jigglers.

I bought this package at Wal-Mart for $2.98, and, was actually pretty excited about it, since it included not only the Jell-O, but the mold too. I like these kinds of all-in-one packages. It included:

Jell-O Jiggler Review

Grape Jell-O
Orange Jell-O
6 Figure Mold of Halloween Characters

Upon opening this, I could already tell there was going to be an issue. I’m not a rocket scientist or anything, but I’m pretty clever when it comes to measurements of food and what fits and what doesn’t. It was pretty apparent there was entirely too much Jell-O for these 6 molds. Continue reading

Do you know my spell check says “krispie” is spelled wrong? Clearly this is not the case. And, clearly, these are not your regular rice krispie treats.

With it officially being Fall, and Halloween around the corner, stores are starting to fill their shelves with seasonal pumpkin items. I mean, really, I’m just going to be honest and say it’s slightly out of control this year. Everywhere I turn around there’s something new, and I seriously might go broke, if I tried to get them all. However, I could not resist pumpkin marshmallows. No, not just shaped like pumpkins. They taste like it, too. Pumpkin flavored marshmallows?! Excellent!

Kraft makes these little dudes.

They look like little soft pumpkins and you can smell the pumpkin scent as soon as you open the bag.

And then well, they taste like pumkins too. But you can’t just eat a whole bag of marshmallows! What’s the best thing to do with marshmallows? I mean besides just stuff your face with them. Make Rice Krispie treats. So, that’s the plan, man.

¼ cup butter
1 bag (10 ounces) pumpkin marshmallows (minus 2)
5 ½ cups krispie rice
Non-stick cooking spray

Don’t worry, if you are a visual person, look here. Here’s what you need:

You are allowed to make rice krispie treats without actually having Snap, Krackle and Pop. I used the off brand to save more money to buy more pumpkin crap.
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I am a sucker for all those magazines and cooking books near the registers of stores. Many of you just pass them up, and while I head to check out, my eyes always scan to see if I want one. Here’s what’s even worse. I never make anything out of them. If I don’t already have ideas for food in my head, then I only use other recipes to inspire me. So, I probably have like a bajillion dollars worth of cook books and magazines, and have only made 4 recipes from all them. I completely understand that there might be something totally wrong with me.

But, not this time! I picked up this Halloween book specifically to make something out it. I saw that this site had Mummies on it the other day, so why not make edible Mummies!?!

And, we are. Halloweenies with Mustard Dip.

This is probably the worst name ever for a recipe. Clever play on words? Maybe. But, do I want to eat something called “Halloweenies”? Not really. I cannot imagine someone saying to me, “Hey, grab yourself one of those Halloweenies.” And, my response? “Ohhh, yeah.”


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I also attended Wizard World in Chicago, like so many others, this past weekend. I went for various reasons, but, since I am not a toy collector, I will undoubtedly stick to what I know. Food. I do not expect to have fabulous food at conventions of this nature (as, I soon came to realize at C2E2), but, I always expect to pay a ton of money for it. And, this time, was certainly no exception.

Upon arriving, since skipping breakfast, for various reasons, I was already hungry. Which, could have been bad. However, when making rounds, I noticed that the snack bar they had conveniently located in the convention center, had no where to sit. And, this is not because there were so many people, it literally had no where to sit. Standing tables only. In the far back corner of the center, there was what one volunteer lady referred to as “the buffet”. Unfortunately, they accepted cash only, which I had none of. I realized after the fact that this was probably not the best idea. But, if you ask anyone that knows me, I never have any cash, and almost ran out of money coming through the 58 tolls I had to pay to get to the convention center.

Regardless, I ended up at the The Great Expoteria Restaurant. Choices were not horrible, and many things looked great (including the Italian Sausage, which I did not get). Instead, I placed a safe bet with the cheeseburger (and, if you visited there, it might have brought you back to John Belushi days of Saturday Night Live). As previously mentioned, it was horribly overpriced. $25.47 for two cheeseburgers, with fries, and two drinks. I felt violated. Specifically more so after eating my extremely dry hamburger (or what I could choke down). And, unfortunately, they really do have you cornered. You can’t leave, or you will pay double parking, so no driving anywhere. And, you certainly could walk to somewhere close by, if you want to pay more than $25 for one meal.

But, I realize that people aren’t necessarily going there for food. But, we all got hungry (which was evidenced by the line in the restaurant). So, while I wouldn’t eat there on a daily basis (and, really, who would go to a convention center to eat?), for what’s it’s worth, it probably could have been worse.