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Mego Ebay Auctions
An interesting story is developing in the world of online Ebay auctions. Many Mego collectors have been noticing that their auctions have been pulled. The reason? The use of the word Mego. As of this writing, it’s unclear if particular listings are being sought out by a vengeful seller who is reporting the auctions or if it’s an internal change within Ebay’s own policies. Even if it’s the former, it seems to have resulted in some of the latter.

The problem originates as Mego has become a term to describe a specific style of toy. Often here at Infinite Hollywood and other websites, you’ll hear the term “Mego” bandied about to describe the 8 inch style of retro action figures. Even for modern action figures that certainly weren’t made by the long defunct Mego corporation. For a while now Ebay has cracked down on the use of terms such as Mego-Like, but it’s mostly been a non-issue. However in the past week Ebay has taken to removing dozens of auctions as they deem them to be a “search and browse manipulation” issue.

Traditionally a “search and browse manipulation” would be something like me listing a box of Crayola crayons and putting “Lady Gaga Underwear” in the title. Now my auction is getting lots of attention from people who are looking for Lady Gaga stuff, as opposed to crayons. Another popular violation would be for me to put the term iPad on a different tablet listing. Some unsuspecting bidder might buy my auction because they THINK they’re buying an iPad, when it reality they’re buying another tablet. However in the case of toys, you run into a unique set of circumstances where brand names can acutally be used to help describe different types of toys. Mego in particular falls under this umbrella.

Ebay is completely insensible to the reality of the issue. Brands like Cipsa and Lili Ledy worked in conjunction with Mego, using their molds to create toys. Auctions have been pulled using those terms with the word Mego. Even though Mego shared in the creation of them. Ebay’s stance is that you can apparently only use one brand name in the title of these auctions. Of course this doesn’t apply to lots of auctions throughout Ebay’s site, but for some reason Mego has caught the ire of the world’s biggest auction site. Continue reading

Realm of the Underworld Hercules

Realm of the Underworld
5 3/4 Inch scale
By: Zoloworld

It’s Realm of the Underworld Week! What better way to celebrate Earth Day, than with a barbarian that’s from the salt of the Earth?! It’s the mighty HERCULES! Okay Hercules isn’t really a barbarian, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. The truth is, Hercules is a legendary figure with roots dating back into ancient mythology. He’s also the central hero in Wave 1 of the Realm of the Underworld toy line.

So just what is Hercules story in ROTU? Well, in a nutshell, Hercules is everything you would imagine him to be. Incredibly strong, heroic and always out for adventure. His father Zeus sends him to retrieve the “Sword of Heroes”, which holds great power. Using that sword, Hercules must battle the evil Hades and his minions of the underworld.

Hercules In Battle

Realm of the Underworld is a new “retro” toy line in the same style as the classic Remco lines of yesteryear. A lot of people will immediately compare this toy to vintage Masters of the Universe, but this toy line is much more. It’s an epic love letter to the incredible work that Remco did on their various toy lines in this style and it’s an homage to a time when toys were simpler, but flat out cool.

OLD Ice Warrior

It’s sort of strange that there would even be a market for figures that were essentially knock-offs when they were created way back when. And yet, there is! The real question of course, is can a toy line made in the modern era with modern prices, be a worthy investment if it’s an emulation of toys from 20+ years ago? Realm of the Underworld week kicks off with a bang as we examine the Mighty Hercules and discover what’s really at the heart of ROTU. Continue reading


All this week, Infinite Hollywood will be bringing you exclusive Realm of the Underworld reviews and photos. We’ve been covering ROTU since it’s inception and this week we’ll review all the figures in Wave 1. Finally, we’ll cap the week off with a special interview with the man behind the Realm of the Underworld line, with exclusive news on upcoming ROTU figures and accessories.

So if you like barbarians, monsters and retro action figure mayhem, you’ll want to check in all this week for our exclusive coverage of Realm of the Underworld!

Super Mario 3 Custom

You never get a second chance at a first impression–what moment in pop culture had you saying “Now, that’s how you make an introduction!”

This week’s topic is about a pop culture first impression that really knocked your socks off. I think it’s a topic that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. That alone is a good excuse for me to get back into the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

The year was 1990 and the location, a Zayre department store. Certainly a place for an auspicious debut. I should note that while the store was called Zayre, I’ve never known anyone to call it Zayre. Everyone called it Zayre’s, although they didn’t promote it as such. You know how some people call JC Penny, Penny’s, JC Penny’s or JC Penny? Well Zayre wasn’t like that. Nobody called Zayre, Zayre, they called it Zayre’s.

Zayre’s logo was an asterisk. I wonder what that asterisk was there for?

Ah, that explains it!

Ah, that explains it!

Where was I? Oh yes, it’s 1990 and our one local Zayre’s is about to become Ames, before eventually fading off into the sunset never to be mentioned again. I remember going to Zayre’s quite a few times in my youth, but I don’t really have any vivid memories beyond this one. I mean, I can recall dozens of times I went to K-Mart, Woolworth’s, Toys R Us or Children’s Palace to buy stuff… But I don’t recall ever buying anything at Zayre’s. I’m sure I did. Maybe a Boglin or something?

Anyway, so we’re at Zayre’s for something or the other. My Mom, who was viciously overprotective, lets me wander the store. Typically my Mom would only give me a couple of minutes alone in a toy aisle, but for whatever reason, on this day at Zayre I’ve been given carte blanch to be kidnapped. So I wander the store and I guess they didn’t have any toys of note despite this awesome commercial…

Continue reading

Today is a historic day for fans of retro action figures in the “Mego” style format. Figures Toy Company, the parent of the often disregarded Classic TV Toys have unveiled nine new licenses today, including some of the most popular and sought after figure designs in the format’s history. Earlier this week, rumors were leaked that Figures Toy Company was planning a retro Batman line. Almost immediately the reaction from the Mego community was one of interest, but resistance. CTVT has built up a so-so reputation in the community and isn’t generally considered a favorite.

Personally, I’ve always had great experiences with Classic TV Toys and have ordered hundreds of dollars of merchandise from them through the years. Of course, some of the backlash has been warranted as quality was not always at the forefront of their products. For every Will Scarlet, there was a Sandra Benes. However, in recent years CTVT has released a ton of new and drastically improved product. Their Kiss line which was introduced late last year, has been a roaring success for Mego and Kiss fans alike.

But now even the biggest critics of Figures Toy Company have to stand up and take notice, as Figures Toy Company have unveiled some truly impressive licenses covering a wide array of formats. Perhaps the biggest is that not only will they be producing a Mego-ish Batman line, replicating the classic Batman Megos and adding new characters to the mix… But they will also be doing a Adam West, Batman ’66 line as well.

Yes, they’re doing two retro Batman Mego lines. Rather impressive. Some names announced for the 66 line include Batman, Robin, Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, King Tut, Mr. Freeze, Egghead (YES!), Shame, Bookworm and the Mad Hatter. Variants are planned as well.

But the news doesn’t stop there. They’re going to finally officially create Evel Knievel in Mego scale with his own line. They’ve got Conan coming out, including not just a recreation of the hard to find classic Mego Conan figure but also Solomon Kane/Kull The Conqueror and potentially other characters from the books.

They’re also adding Tarzan to the mix! You may recall my loveletter to the classic Mego Tarzan, so this news has me greatly excited. The Dukes ride again, as Figures Toy Company have added the Dukes of Hazard, an often overlooked but very popular Mego line into their portfolio as well. They’re also producing 12 inch exclusive lines, such as Dallas and Gilligan’s Island. It’s truly an amazing rollout of product, unlike any seen before in the format. To say that Figures Toy Company just immediately jumped out to the head of the pack in retro Mego-like licenses, would be an understatement.

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