Attack of the Living Dead
7 Inch Scale
By: Mezco

Everybody loves zombies. They’ve become the hottest “horror” genre in recent memory and in fact may be the hottest horror genre of all time. I’m not sure what it was about the turn of the century, but zombies were suddenly cool again and they’ve remained so for the last decade or so. I suppose the internet has a lot to do with that as the cult zombie films have achieved mainstream status all of the sudden.

The Armageddon Epidemic has spread out of control. The breach of the “After Life” matter has infected the majority of mankind. The attack of the living dead is seemingly unstoppable. All hope is lost for the world we once knew. We can only pray that some of us survive to carry on.

In 2006 when Mezco made these toys they didn’t have an official license to work off of, so they just made up their own story. While I don’t know the specifics of what the “After Life” matter is, my guess is that it was once called Trioxin and stored in the basement of the Uneeda Medical Supply company in US Army drums that are built by solid military construction and practically indestructible. Oops, guess they weren’t so indestructible after all.

Yes as good as all the Romero Zombie movies are, my favorite is Return of the Living Dead. An interesting “sequel” as it were, with John Russo who helped Romero with the original Dead movie’s ideas being used instead of George’s. I’ve always felt it was the perfect zombie flick, even with the 80’s cheese and some bad acting. Despite the bad luck that befell the original Dead creators when they changed their film’s name from Night of the Flesh Eaters to Night of the Living Dead, it’s all worked out for the better. Living Dead is apparently free to use and so while there was some speculation that this toy line might be named “After Life” it wound up with the much cooler “Attack of the Living Dead” moniker. It’s so not official, it’s almost official! Lucky us.

The packages aren’t particularly impressive, especially if you’ve seen Mezco at work before. They love clamshells and that’s what we get here.

Of course since this is Mezco, we get variants. Technically there are only three characters, but each character has two color strains. A “pale” color which is more like a flesh colored Romero zombie and a “color” strain which is more of a Russo zombie. To further confuse things, there are also two phases. Phase I and Phase II.

The different phases equal different head sculpts. And if that’s not enough variants for you, they have a special black and white set with a third bonus head for each character and a radioactive glow in the dark set of variants as well. It works surprisingly well as you can create an army of zombies out of two or three sculpts.

The inner card is really nice with some cool artwork on it. It’s not particularly informative about which characters are available and the variants, but it gives a few clues. I was mostly impressed with the thick stock of the cardboard. This thing is sturdier than most regular card backs.

I mentioned the other day that I’m not really into horror figures. That’s still true. Zombies are a bit of an exception because if anyone should be covered in blood, guts and goo, it’s these guys. I still don’t think they should try to make every inch of the guy covered in gunk, but overall Mezco did a decent job here.

Jake here actually uses a modified version of the Goon Zombie sculpt (more on that this week) but it’s a bit more articulated and definitely more detailed. When Mezco sets out to do a sculpt with their intense detail and paint, NOBODY can beat them. That’s just a fact.

Of course that also means that Mezco has set the standard for themselves very high and if they phone it in even the slightest, it’s readily apparent. Thankfully we can tell they put some TLC into these guys.

The sculpt is loaded down with lesions, withered skin and ripped up pieces of flesh. The paint work is incredible, with blood, rot and decay beautifully on display. There’s even some bruising effect, which is great consider these guys will have been through the ringer, likely before and after infection.

Several of the joints are removable thanks to this being an old BAF sculpt. I think it works best on the arms, since you know, a zombie is likely to lose a limb or two.

Everything head to toe, literally, is painted with incredible depth. Fingernails aren’t just painted, but delicately painted to represent the damage they’ve suffered. The toe nails are a nasty rotten color. It’s disgustingly beautiful.

These guys are a little too big for stuff like DCUC, but the work great with other lines like Hellboy. They have enough articulation to hang with most anyone, even if they have less joints that most figures. It’s simple, these are zombies… They don’t need double knees and elbows.

Each figure has varying articulation, but Jake has a lot. Ball jointed neck and shoulders are the most important. He also has hinge elbows.

Completing the rest of the figure is a variety of cuts and swivels. You won’t get him in 1,000 poses, but you can get him in all the core undead poses.

You get three accessories here, but they’re all pretty good… Considering what they are.

A variety of victim parts is what you get. A severed human head with brain half eaten, a brain and the bottom half of some unlucky soul.

The brain makes a tasty snack. If you run out, just call for more paramedics.

There’s a lot of detail on the severed head as well.

Again, they didn’t skimp on the paint here either.

Especially in the lower leg area. This looks realistic and creepy.

These guys originally retailed for around $15 which was pretty expensive in 2006, but hell sounds like a bargain today. You can actually find several versions of these figures for under that now. So it’s definitely a value. Again, seems like something Mezco would try to do something with.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Brain, Head, Legs
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

All in all this one is simple. If you’re looking for a zombie figure, you can’t much better than this one. Affordable, decent variants, decent articulation and a real winner of a sculpt. If you need some random undead baddies for Hellboy, this is a solid pick up.

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