Round 2 and the folks behind Captain Action just announced an awesome new variant for this Christmas season… Arctic Adventurer! It’s a pretty simple palette swap, but it really pops. From what I can tell this is just a mock-up, but it looks really neat. I was always a sucker for these specialized costumes.

This also comes as a pleasant surprise for me as Mike Murphy from Round 2 said back at C2E2, when I spoke with him, that it was unlikely we’d see much in the way of variant costumes and accessories for Captain Action. Truth be told, I suspect this is more of a fresh way to keep the “basic” Captain on the shelves, but I’m not complaining. He looks to have new boots and gloves, which is a bonus.

Maybe we’ll see more of these sorts of expanded sets if this one does well. I could see a Safari Adventure Captain Action, with a pith cap, for a summer release! One can only hope. All I know is that later October (when this guy is supposed to hit) can’t come soon enough!

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