It seems as if DC and Warner Brothers plans for a live action Aquaman movie have been shelved, for now. If you can take one guess, what would it be? Yeah, Aquaman is apparently “tough” to translate to the screen and his rogues gallery isn’t very deep. It seems that Arthur may end up with a spot in a proposed Justice League movie, assuming that ever gets off the ground. Here’s what a leak from the studio said about Aquaman:

“They were struggling to put together a film that would have been good enough to translate to screen. Aquaman is a difficult character to have in a solo movie because his rogues aren’t compelling enough compared to characters like Batman and Superman. He also doesn’t have the back up characters and writing proved difficult which is why Warner Bros. and DC decided that they should drop the solo movie and just put him in JLA with a little intro, most likely as the King of Atlantis who is approached by the rest of the League.”

Personally, I say, PSSHAW! Aquaman could be awesome, they just need to tackle it with a little better idea. Why not do Aquaman as a retro period piece? Who needs a deep rogues gallery when you can fight sharks and squids! I think there’s potential in Aquaman, damn it!

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