Stealth Copter & PK 5000
2 Inch Scale
By: ToyQuest

Earlier this week I took a look at Hack Jaw & Flash Flood from the Androidz line, but today I’m looking at the newer vehicle packs. These sets cost a little more than the regular two packs, but come with a vehicle and a figure.

An alien race launched a probe to search for new life within the universe. After years of searching, the probe landed on a lifeless planet to refuel, when suddenly it began to pick up unique radio and TV signals from a planet calling itself “Earth”. In an attempt to understand the messages, the probe began to replicate life on this deserted planet in robotic form. The robots became “ANDROIDZ” – strange mechanical versions of life on Earth. They divided into two groups: Defendbots – created to protect the planet and Strikebots – built to conquer it.

The story remains the same, but you can see now with these Police style robots how the different themes converge together. It’s definitely a pretty neat idea, but an idea is one thing. How is the execution?

The bubble cards are almost the same as the regular two packs, with only slight increases in size.

The front of the package is still a little too busy for my tastes, but remember that if you visit and enter in the secret code on the back of your figures, you unlock some mini games, a video of the original probe making your character and a printable trading card of the character.

The back of the package shows off a prototype of PK 5000, since he looks quite different in terms of paint deco in the final form. I’m not sure what that’s about, but his colors more closely match the stealth copter now. I suppose it makes more sense for them to be uniform.

I’m going to review the robot first, then the helicopter vehicle.

PK 5000, in addition to having a boring name, has a less interesting sculpt than the two previous figures I reviewed. He also feels cheaper. I’m not sure if that’s because he’s a pack-in figure, or just coincidence. What worked well for the other releases didn’t quite work as well for him. Especially in the articulation department (more on that in the articulation section) but even in the sculpt he seemed lacking.

The Stealth Copter however is quite nice. It’s made of a sturdier plastic than the regular Androidz and it just generally feels of better quality. The top blade moves freely and there are a fair amount of small sculpted details throughout.

Once side has a nice firing rocket launcher that actually has quite a bit of force behind it. I always like projectiles that actually project! The best part is that the launcher fits in seamlessly with the design of the copter and doesn’t look out of place.

The copter is a really nice looking piece and it works well.

PK 5000 would I assume, have the same articulation as the two figures I had previously reviewed. I don’t know if it was a QC issue or a design in this figure, but he lacks the hinges at the shoulder that the other figures had. It looks like he should have them but I nearly broke the figure trying to get them to move, no dice.

This means that only his arms can move up and down. That’s pretty disappointing and honestly, if these guys are going to end up with vehicles I have to wonder if it might make more sense to ditch the entire Hot Wheels element and sculpt moveable, arms, legs and heads. Perhaps not on all figures, but on the majority.

The cockpit opens easily but doesn’t flop open to allow you to put PK 5000, or any robot into the console.

Flash Flood fit in easily and firmly. He looks quite nice in the copter.

Hack Jaw, however, has a tank-like bottom and he can’t fit into the helicopter.

These figures benefited before by having a low price point. With the $10 price point, though, they lose a little bit of charm here. The vehicle is definitely worth the money for this line in particular, but the value isn’t as great even if the product itself is better. I’m not sure what’s up with PK 5000, he just lacked a ton of the charm and play value that his brothers had.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – Projectile Missile
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

I’d give the Stealth Copter itself an 8 out 10. It’s a nice little helicopter toy with a simple design that could be used in a variety of small scale figure lines. PK 5000 scores considerable lower, because he just seemed fragile and largely immobile. With the higher price point, this pack ends up being a bit less than the figures themselves. I didn’t have those issues with the other Androidz, so I’m not sure what the deal is with PK 5000.

PK 5000 is under attack!

However for the price, it’s not a bad little vehicle for your growing Androidz armies. PK 5000 may just be a bum robot, but at least he comes more as an accessory and not the main attraction. This is still a fun new toy line that still has some growing pains to go through, but with some luck could turn into something very fun.

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