Flash Flood & Hack Jaw
2 Inch Scale
By: ToyQuest

I spotted these little guys a while back at Toys R’ Us where they had a whole section of them. I made mention of it in a Tales from the Toy Aisle, but nobody had seen to have heard from them. Jester Goblin did a review a while back, but wasn’t much of a fan. However, when I got a chance to get my hands on some I definitely decided to check these little dudes out.

An alien race launched a probe to search for new life within the universe. After years of searching, the probe landed on a lifeless planet to refuel, when suddenly it began to pick up unique radio and TV signals from a planet calling itself “Earth”. In an attempt to understand the messages, the probe began to replicate life on this deserted planet in robotic form. The robots became “ANDROIDZ” – strange mechanical versions of life on Earth. They divided into two groups: Defendbots – created to protect the planet and Strikebots – built to conquer it.

An interesting little story for these guys. Essentially the robots are modeled after our traits, but aren’t necessarily accurate as they only have transmissions of Earth to go by. The fact that they immediately spread into two factions and started fighting one another, doesn’t say much for Earth, does it?

Now we know the story, let’s see how the figures which are essentially Z-Bots meet Hot Wheels hold up.

You get a basic bubble card for the double packs. These aren’t available in singles, so this is essentially the lowest price point packouts. It’s a decent card, but perhaps a bit cluttered.

I like that the names of each character is present, with an arrow pointing to who is who. We don’t know these guys yet, there isn’t a cartoon, so it’s important to let kids know who each guy is clearly. Hack Jaw is an awesome name too.

The back of the package is also loaded down with info, but this information is much cooler. You get to find out what brand of heroes or villains your team is under. My guys are part of the “Melting Point” sub team. You also find out their strength, intelligence, stamina, etc. They also give you details on how you can find out more at their website.

In fact, if you visit and enter in the secret code on the back of your figures, you unlock some mini games, a video of the original probe making your character and a printable trading card of the character. Pretty spiffy.

I can’t recommend the website enough, honestly. There you can go and find out a ton of stuff about each individual character. You can look at a scan of the inside of the character, which shows you all it’s powers and stuff. It’s really intuitive and these toys are designed to be used as much with the website as they are to get down and play.

These are small figures with just a few paint aps each, but have some neat designs and ideas behind them. Let’s start with Flash Flood. He’s a guy who helps put out fires and stuff. Both of these figures are Defendbots, AKA Good Guys.

Even with minimal paint aps, the face on Flash Flood really pops. There are lots of cool little sculpted details on his head and I liked that you can clearly tell what his form and function is. He has a water hose hand and a wrench hand.

Hack Jaw looks pretty cool too, with a Fireman’s helmet as part of his face sculpt and a gas mask like face. He loses a little bit of points because his body is sculpted from two pieces and sadly they come together right in the center of his face, as opposed to Flash Flood who is molded at his sides. His hands are an axe and a jaws of life type deal. Again, it’s clear what this guy’s job is.

Of course, the great thing about toys is that you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. Make them arch rivals or have them battle it out. It’s really up to the kids. While the folks at ToyQuest have come up with a pretty compelling story, nothing beats the old imagination!

I actually think these would be cool for little robots for other toy lines you might collect. Use them with your 3 3/4 GI Joes, or your Megos as space probes or even 1/6 figures as tiny robots. They have a lot of neat looks and could be used in a lot of different ways.

The figures aren’t super articulated, but they do have some surprising range of movement.

The arms are cut at the shoulders, but they also have a hinge there. Giving them essentially a swivel-hinge movement. It allows you to move them a lot, I found. I do wish Hack Jaw’s claw hand could open and close, though.

No head or leg articulation, which is a bummer, but the Hot Wheels-like formula for the feet is fairly effective. You can roll them wherever and they actually roll pretty good. If you have a kid that likes cars, I suspect he’ll REALLY like these guys. There are some tracks and stuff for the Androidz, as well, which means there are plenty of play opportunities here.

You don’t get any accessories, but these figures aren’t really meant for that sort of stuff. That said, later this week I’ll be checking out a vehicle pack. That will show off some almost accessory type elements.

Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of $6 toys on the market anymore. Even if you can find a toy for $6, it usually won’t feature two characters. These remind me a lot of not only Z-Bots, but the old Micro Machines and stuff of old. Those were always popular and there’s a lot of charm here. I was particularly impressed with the website compatibility where a kid can go learn a lot about the characters and there is a good motivation there to buy more so you can learn more.

Supposedly, Walmart, Amazon and Toys R’ Us are going to carry these guys, but right now it looks like TRU is your best shot. They have a pretty good selection and even some exclusives there.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – N/A
Value – 8
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

I’m giving these two a 7.5 out of 10. That’s a pretty good score all things considered. I bumped up the packaging score, not so much on the package itself, but the interactivity with the website. A little more detail and articulation and everyone would be after these things. As they currently stand, I could totally see a 10 year old version of myself having a huge collection of these guys. If you miss the old days of neat little toys like M.U.S.C.L.E. or Z-Bots, check a few of these guys out.


If not, these could make fun little additions to your Joe or Cobra army. These yellow guys have a certain Adventure Team flare to them. I could see these as helper robots, or pad out your Star Wars collection by adding some additional types of Droidz!

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