The GI Joe Collector’s Club put up their first preview of the carded Big Boa figure this week. Boa is part of their new Figure Subscription Service. Although I am a member of the GIJCC, I passed on the figure service. Not because of Big Boa, though. In fact Boa was one of the main figures I did want. However, I didn’t want to commit to most of the other figures. I think there was around 4 or 5 of the whole bunch that I wanted.

Of course that’s the whole problem with these subscription models. They lock you into a bunch of figures you may or may not want. Heck, we still don’t know who the special bonus sub figure is yet. It’s just too much money for me to take that sort of gamble. It’s hard for me to buy figures when I don’t even know which ones I’m getting.

But man, Big Boa is awesome. This is one of the best 25th Anniversary style figures to come down the pike. It’s a damn shame that Hasbro isn’t the one putting these figures out. I would LOVE to get Big Boa for Christmas. Instead of finding him on the shelves, he’s part of some dopey subscription and he’ll no doubt be scalped for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market.

A couple of years ago, I was GI Joe nuts. I bought so much 25th stuff it wasn’t funny. Then the stupid movie ruined everything. What’s worse is that Retaliation screwed things up even more! Instead of getting cool figures like Big Boa on the shelves, now we have NOTHING as it relates to GI Joe on the shelves. Thanks Jon Chu for making a movie so bad that it apparently wasn’t even as good as the first GI Joe movie (which I didn’t totally hate) and screwing us out of Big Boa. That’s right, I’m blaming you, Chu!

I also blame The Rock. Screw you Dwayne Johnson. You thought you were a big star, but it turns out Channing Tatum is like 500X the star you are. Anyway, Big Boa… I won’t have him for Christmas, but if you joined the FSS, you will… Maybe. Bastards.

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  • Ronnie says:

    You do know the origin of Big Boa, right? Rocky Balboa was going to join GI Joe. Hasbro negotiated with the studios and Stallone. His bio even ran in an issue of the Marvel comic with his card art. Big Boa was created to be his arch-enemy.But, at the last minute, Stallone demanded more money than he had originally. So, Rocky was canned. But, because tooling cost a good deal, Big Boa was made, just without the Rocky rivalry.

  • Tarman13 says:

    I really Love how this figure looks— hell, I’m willing to trade or buy this figure but without the HIGH price tag for the membership— this really sucks because now the 25th figures are gone and Hasbro is wasting time on these crappy-@$$ modern G.I.Joe figures and Movie Figures— all i want is Jinx, Cover Girl and BIG BOA—it goes to show what Hasbro sees in it’s Fans

  • Tarman13 says:

    Sorry, Infinite Hollywood— my apologies since you mentioned that HASBRO is NOT responsible for putting these figures out—I’m just mad That Hasbro killed the 25th Anniversary line and gave us the CRAP that we now see on store shelves—- Manly the G.I.Joe Movie figures

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