The results are in for our May/June poll and Alf wins. When we asked, “Who ruled the 1980’s family sitcoms?” Alf and the Tanner family not only took the prize, but dominated the other families in the running. Perhaps it was because Alf featured a talking, cat eating, alien as part of the family?

Or maybe this kid just voted a bunch. For what it’s worth, I loved Alf as a kid. I had some of the toys, watched the show endlessly on syndication and probably had a lunchbox or something. I’m still a bit miffed we never got a proper finale to that show. I assume Alf never did make it back to his home planet of Melmac, since he hosted a late night talkshow on TVLand a few years ago.

Family Ties came in at second, I presume solely on the strength of Michael J. Fox. My family was never anything like this one, but it wasn’t a bad show. Plus the Dad can killer Tremors with the best of them.

Growing Pains finished third and I think that may have more to do with people not liking the actors as much anymore. Between Kirk Cameron’s crazed religious rants, Meredith Baxter Birney’s lesbian activism and Tracey Gold’s eating disorders, these folks aren’t as well remembered. Shame, because I think this show might have been the strongest non-alien family. Oh well, at least I still have Alan Thicke.

Sadly finishing in an abysmal last place with only 4 votes, is Mr. Belvedere. I just naturally assumed Belvedere was one of those things that surely by now, caught on in the internet age and everyone would proclaim about how they loved it. Guess not. It’s time will come. I mean, it had Bob Uecker as the Dad! COME ON! Plus in one episode Mr. Belvedere beat up some ruffians while watching a Rick Rude cage match.

Don’t agree with the results? Well make sure to vote in July’s poll to have your voice heard!

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  • Big Daddyz says:

    Although Alf may seem a little dated 25 years later, it was soooo funny for its first few years. I think it jumped the shark when Jim J Bullock became a regular but it still had its moments. How could forget Alf driving the Ferrari or when he found a glove in his jacket and thought it was a hand. We miss you Alf!

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