MOTUC 2013 Subscription Twitter Celebrity Campaign

So with all the hysteria going on about the MOTUC 2013 line being in trouble because of low subscription sales… I decided to do something. They said it couldn’t be done. But using my Z-list celebrity blogger status, I took to Twitter and sought out all my favorite superstar celebrities to see if they would help join the cause to save Masters of the Universe Classics.

MOTUC 2013 Subscription Campaign

In all honesty, I was bored and I felt like parodying some of the rather absurd campaigns I’ve seen to help save Masters of the Universe Classics. So I decided to send stupid tweets to low level celebrities (and a few big ones) to see if they would RT. People do this sort of dumb stuff for everything else, why not He-Man?

Twitter Celebrity Campaign

So I sent moderately annoying tweets to a variety of celebrities and people who may or may not be celebrities. I left no stone unturned, whether it was multiple Alf accounts or the host from Double Dare, Marc Summers, I made sure the people who needed to know about He-Man’s plight, heard.

MOTUC 2013 Subscription Twitter Celebrity Campaign

It was starting to seem like a lost cause… But then a beacon of hope!

Alan Thicke MOTUC at Infinite Hollywood

Alan Thicke, famed Canadian comedian and television’s Dr. Jason Roland Seaver from Growing Pains, heard the pleas. He responded to my call for celebrity help and sent in a funny tweet as well. After that I decided to call it a day and figured I’d done my job.

You’re welcome Mattel and fellow MOTU collectors.

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