Why advertise at Infinite Hollywood? Well for starters we reach an audience of unique visitors and a total of over 1,500 unique hits per day! That’s over 70,000 hits per month! In addition, since Infinite Hollywood became a full time blog in May of 2009 the amount of traffic has increased by 10-20% monthly! With certain days and weeks spiking in upwards of 50% and the growth hasn’t stopped. In the last three months of 2009 alone, Infinite Hollywood is up 2100%! Incredible! As an advertiser you’ll want to be a part of that kind of momentum.

Infinite Hollywood features articles that are often highlighted on Digg and other web promoting software and we get crossover traffic from a wide variety of other toy and pop culture blogs. Infinite Hollywood is written by trusted writer Newton Gimmick who has had regularly featured columns on 411Mania and TNAWrestlingNews.com as well as spotlights on other toy reviewing sites such as MWCToys.

We here at Infinite Hollywood offer reviews filled with integrity and will never be bought or sold on a basis of reviews, but we do welcome product samples for reviews! We’ll even offer advertising in place of money for sample products. We accept DVDs, Toys, Games and much more to be reviewed (But please contact us first to work out arrangements) on a case by case basis.

Infinite Hollywood offers a ample amount of ad space at exceptional value. Welcoming both big advertisers or little ones, we can help drive sales or improve traffic to your site. We’ll even advertise Ebay stores. Everyone is welcome at Infinite Hollywood and we have many avenues available to help us, help you.

One of the bright spots that helps separate Infinite Hollywood from other websites out there is that we are a pop culture website. This means that we don’t strictly just cover toys, but a whole host of issues. How does that benefit you, the advertiser? It means we get a lot of cross traffic from other sites that wouldn’t normally visit a typical toy website. Traffic from video game sites, TMZ, movie fan sites and more often make Infinite Hollywood a stop on their list.

Especially when we break exclusive news. Back in December of 2008 we were the first website to post up exclusive photos and news of the TMNT Smash Brothers Brawl leading to every major gaming site on the net linking back to us. Resulting in thousands of hits a day, from all across the globe. Infinite Hollywood’s expansive coverage of a wide variety of topics means you have a wide variety of potential customers for you.

Our website focuses in traffic from the United States but we have a heavy following in the United Kingdom and Germany and have gotten plenty of visitors from all across the globe. Many visitors in England stop by because we have one of the largest archives of Doctor Who Action Figure reviews on the entire World Wide Web! We’ve even established sister sites in Japan. Infinite Hollywood is building a global brand of pop culture entertainment.

There are currently the following options:

Premium Advertiser’s Package
This is the best way to get noticed by Infinite Hollywood’s ever growing fan base and readership. You’ll receive a special blog post with up to 300 words of our unique slant advertising, up to 5 links in that post with pictures to whatever products you’re pitching. As well, a 234x90px banner at the top of the website listing you as the “main sponsor” for 30 days. But that’s not all, we’re throwing in up to six posts of banner ad links at the bottom of content. So as soon as you start your promotion with us, the next six posts will feature a 300×75 banner and link back to your site or product at the bottom of those posts.

The premium advertiser’s package is a flat rate of $50 and is stackable, want two months? Only $100! It’s completely customizable to your liking. You tell us what links, we’ll make sure they get posted. If you have pictures or banners you want, we’ll post them up. If not we’ll conveniently make banners just for your links. This is one the finest advertising deals on the internet.

If you want to purchase a full year of the premium package, we’ll only charge you for 10 months. That’s one full year of our premium advertising package for only $500! (Note: One blog post per month for a total of 12, 72 of our 300×75 blog post bottom ads at 6 per month with the 234X90 banner ad running concurrently for 12 months)

Blog Post
Looking to have a specific item or promotion advertised. We’ll write 200-300 words of our own about a product or promotion with up to 5 links to items or websites for $10.00 flat rate. Conversely we offer an advertising bracket where you can send us promotional information and we’ll post it up at the same rate minus our own product descriptions (the aforementioned 200-300 words) for the same price.

Banner Ads
We offer several spots for banner ads along the right hand side of the website. You send us your banner or we can even create one for you FREE OF CHARGE! Ads are placed in the order in which payment is made, with limited space available. There are currently the following size and price options per month.

125x60px – $10 Per Month
234x90px – $12 Per Month
234x234px – $20 Per Month

Looking to get heavily promoted? Well we’re willing to advertise your site in every post for a week or month! We’ll place a small banner at the bottom or top (Your choice or BOTH*) for seven or thirty days and consider you a special weekly or monthly sponsor.

300x75px – $4 per day (Monthly)
300x75px – $5 per day (Weekly)

* – To receive an ad at both top and bottom of each post, you must pay for each separately.

Text Links
Here at Infinite Hollywood we’re not afraid to offer several avenues for you to advertise your site. Don’t need a flashy banner, then a text link is a good choice for you. Not only is it affordable but it’s practical. We offer the following pricing plans for text links which will appear on the left side of the website at all times.

$10 – Per Month

Tip Jar
Like to take a gamble at how long your ad will be featured? We have a tip jar located on the bottom left hand of the website. For a low one time $3.50 rate your link will appear and remain there until another faithful patron tips you off. You could be there for a year but it might only last a week. We offer 5 top spots for tips.

If you’re interested in advertising or working out a promotion with Infinite Hollywood simply contact us at Infinite Hollywood Advertising and we’ll answer any questions you might have. We’re looking forward to forming a partnership with you.

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