I admitted a while back that Hasbro’s Pursuit of Cobra GI Joe sub line hasn’t done much for me. Truth be told, since the 25th celebration started I’ve acquired literally hundreds of GI Joes. It becomes harder and harder for me to justify each new Joe purchase. There are some things I can’t refuse, but most of what was presented with the first few lineups of POC I could pass on. Unlike a lot of people, I bought a fair amount of ROC product. So the transition to “more realistic GI Joes” with POC wasn’t new territory to me. While some are heralding it as the greatest era of Joes ever, I’m still attracted more to the fantastical 25th designs.

That said there were a few figures I really wanted, like the new Cobra Commander with the chrome mask, which I bought and Low-Light, which I have yet to see. I originally thought I wanted the new Snake Eyes, but upon seeing him the other day I realized that I don’t need another Snake Eyes. So what’s the point of all this? Well Hasbro sent along some beauty shots of the new POC wave a while back and I just now got around to checking them out. There are some great figures here and even a few I may pick up. Let’s check em’ out.

Lots of pictures and thoughts behind the cut!



The Cobras have a few more interesting figures. While I really don’t need anymore basic Cobra Troopers or Vipers, I’ll likely pick up a small squad of each. Same could really be said for the Jungle BATs, but I appreciate that at least this is a new take on them entirely. Cobra Commander does little for me, but he might be more appealing in person. I’m pretty disappointed in the Rock Viper, as that was a figure I had as a kid and I don’t see a ton of resemblance here. The new Iron Grenadier is worth a pickup for me, but only maybe 2 to be like, shock troopers or something. I don’t really need another repaint of the Croc Master, but I may pick one up.

The Joes have slightly less interesting stuff in my view. The new Hawk does nothing for me, but those craving a super realistic Hawk may appreciate it. I never did pick up Blowtorch, so perhaps the slightly muted colors will make me grab him finally. Crazy Legs wasn’t exactly high on my list, but I like the figure. Snake Eyes is an easy pass for me, although he could be retooled into a 3 3/4 Shredder figure pretty easily. I was never a fan of the Steel Brigade, but I might actually pick up one or two.

So how about you guys? Any of these new figures exciting you? What’s your feelings on GI Joe right now? I feel like the first few waves of POC were way too different for me and I like that this wave is at least, a little bit closer to the 25th line. I love all the accessories, but for me it has to be slightly more character and design driven.

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  • Engineernerd says:

    I don't see anything there that is a "must buy" for me. Maybe a Cobra Trooper for variation.

  • Rob_Mac says:

    Cobra Commander looks kind of neat. I can't tell if you can see through his mask or not. For some reason I am fascinated by Cobra Commander figurines, but only if they have removable masks, of which there are very few I know of. I think it relates to my childhood fascination with what he actually looks like. Is he human? A reptile man? An alien?

    These are the questions that keep me up at night…

  • Joseph Tages says:

    Crazylegs was always a favorite of mine so I'm glad that he received an update. I already have the 25th Anniversary Blowtorch, but I'll get this one because I love that character. The new Hawk might serve as a default Sparks since he resembles DDP's interpretation of him. I'm viewing this as a down time for RAH until next year's 30th, by which time I expect the line to do better, or at least on a par with 2007's festivities.

  • Bill says:

    Gotta say, I love that Cobra Commander! Unlike Rob, though, I prefer his true appearance to remain a mystery. These look pretty good to me. Even characters in this line that are of no interest to me have a certain appeal. I really think that NO company touches Hasbro when it come to 3.75" figures. In terms of sculpts and articulation, at least.

  • Only to find out he was a vegatable and a used car salesman.

  • Nothing here is "must buy" for me either. Although I'm addicted to Troopers (although I prefer the original heads and helmets) and BATs. I just like more of this wave, than the ones before it. To me, this is what I think Sideshow's Joes should look like. Pretty close to vintage, but more real world.

  • Excellent point about Sparks! Put a Dialtone backpack on him and he's Sparks all the way. Now I may end up getting him, haha!

  • Absolutely. Hasbro is king here. One thing I really love about the Joes, and POC in general, is the tons and tons of accessories. There's enough with some of these guys to outfit a small militia. Which would be great for imaginative young minds. Of course, these days it's just more crap for me to struggle to figure out where to store, but I love it none the less.

  • Bill says:

    I was gonna mention accessories, too. Fabulous! Who cares if the figure can't use them all? Other accessory-less guys can use 'em!

  • rgallows says:

    I like what I see so far, and despite not really wanting another Snake Eyes this new one is a must buy. Not for Snake Eyes himself, but for the bonus heads of Slice and Dice he comes with. I do so enjoy making custom joes to some degree, and I'll definitely be customizing that snake eyes. Resolute Cobra Commander is my definitice Commander I think. While the new one looks nice, I'll probably stick to what I've got unless I get him for a bargain.

    My least desired of the lot would probably be Star Brigade. I can build him already more or less. His helmet came with the Pit Commando, and I pretty much have all the various weapons or a close enough equivalent.

  • clark says:

    None of these figures are a must buy for me, although that Cobra Viper is pretty awesome. However, there are some other figures not listed here, like the new Storm Shadow, Kwinn the Eskimo, Airtight, Firefly and Zombie-Viper that I really want. I am one who thinks that POC is a fantastic line. Oh, and btw, when you find Low Light you should definitely get him. He is the big winner of his wave. Surprisingly, I'm not that big a fan of Shadow Tracker. I thought he would be my favorite of the new releases, but once I had him in hand he didn't really fit in anywhere with my other figures.

  • wesitron says:

    I can't say why, but in the last week Rock Viper has really grown on me. I dislike the gimmick of the backpack because the cables always just get jacked up in there, but the sculpt is nice. CC I could do without. I'd rather them do a drastic redesign of him at this point than keep pumping out slight variations on the classic look. I already have like 4 25th CCs that are pretty much identical.

    Croc Master I missed in 25th, so I'll pick him up. I'm a big fan of Iron Grenadiers, they have such a unique look, but these are quite hitting the mark for me. I'll probably pick up 2 to flank City Asskicker Destro. Vipers are classic, I'll grab a few.

    Joes are pretty weak, though I love Crazy Legs' design. Hawk looks okay, but I'm bummed about the obvious re-use of the 25th head, since their headsculpts have been so great lately and it makes him look like a pup compared to the recent Dukes. Oh well, I'll keep buyin'. They're pretty sweet for a last-second wave.

  • clark says:

    If you have TJ Maxx or Marshalls near you I'd check there for a Croc Master. The ones near me have a lot of 25th anniversary figures for $3.99. I even found a Matt Trakker last week, and I never saw him in the stores when he was originally released.

  • I like that we're getting a Kwinn, but he's in a khaki attaki deco, lol. I'll probably just swap the head onto a spare Artic Snake Eyes.

  • Philip Reed says:

    See, I expect next year to suffer because of the new movie. Hasbro's likely to focus on movie over anniversary; they certainly proved that with the Transformers line.

  • That could be, although I'm hearing this movie will be better. I suspect Hasbro won't repeat the mistakes of ROC in the toy aisle… But I could be wrong.

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