Through the years, Captain Action has had some incredible costume changes. Starting at just nine costumes, the Captain eventually garnered a whole wardrobe of other people’s outfits. At the heart of the Captain Action franchise, is his ability to take on the form of other characters. While this actually is one of my least favorite parts of the Captain, I definitely understand it’s appeal. Captain Action’s costumes as Superman, Batman, The Phantom and countless others remains the stuff of legend.

Round 2 has shown that they are serious about getting the Captain into great costumes once again, licensing Marvel and DC characters for Captain Action to get into. But what about some other, less likely choices? Today I’ve put together a list of Captain Action costume sets I’d like to see. While these sets aren’t necessarily, likely, it’s a fun chance to look at what could be. Feel free to leave a comment with some Captain Action costumes you’d love to see.

  1. Dick Tracy – It’s somewhat of a surprise that Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy never joined forces with Captain Action. While Tracy doesn’t have an exciting mask like Batman, that’s hardly stopped Captain Action from pretending to be other maskless newspaper comic heroes. If Captain Action can be Sgt. Fury or Steve Canyon, why not the world’s most colorful detective? Dick Tracy is a natural fit for Captain Action and his gadgets like the 2-Way Wrist Radio would be perfect accessories.

  1. The Flaming Carrot – Okay, I realize this one is way out there, but Bob Burden’s Flaming Carrot would make an awesome Captain Action costume. The unique factor alone would get people to buy this one. Give him his patented green flippers and variety of trinkets in his utility belt. Imagine accessories like his sneezing powder and nuclear powered pogo stick. This one would be so much fun.

  1. Commander X – It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the pulp inspired icon, Commander X. The chances that Jay Piscopo’s rugged time traveling hero would ever be made into a Captain Action costume are pretty slim. However I do think that it would be an incredible fit for the franchise. Captain Action and Commander X come from that same love of old school comic lore and the Captain already looks quite a bit like the Commander. He could even reuse his hat!

  1. Space Ghost – One of the most popular “underground” characters of all time is Space Ghost! He’s got a lot of fanfare thanks to the popular Coast-to-Coast program and the iconic Alex Toth designs have inspired customs across every range of figure. Perhaps moreso than anyone else on this list, Captain Action could really get an out of this world appeal with Space Ghost’s simple costume.

  1. Archer – Back when Wesitron did his review of the TRU Basic Captain Action, he pointed out how much the modern Captain Action head sculpt looked like Sterling Archer from FX’s popular Archer cartoon. While it’s definitely unlikely that Round 2 would ever pursue the license to produce a Captain Action as Archer set, it’s fun to think about. There could be tons of weapons and inappropriate accessories that could come along for the ride.

5 Responses to 5 Costumes Captain Action Should Have

  • Ed Catto says:

    Great List! And I love Jay Piscopo’s heroes too – but I think Sea Ghost is my favorite! And Space Ghost would be so very cool.

  • Dick Tracy does seem like a natural Captain Action outfit, and would be really cool. I’m surprised that didn’t happen, back in the 60s, when Dick Tracy was still very much around in the Sunday funnies (at least as much as Steve Canyon). Space Ghost would also be very cool.

  • wesitron says:

    DUDE. Space Ghost would rock harrrrd. I wonder if they’d just leave him with that onesie slip-on or if they’d have to add boots for stability? Dick Tracy is definitely one I wouldn’t have thought of, but would make perfect sense and the Tommy gun and wristwatch and maybe an in-scale newspaper would be awesome inclusions. And you know, now that you point it out, I really should just make an Archer custom. Dig the martini glass 🙂

  • sinchicken says:

    I would really like to see them do a Phantom costume like Ideal and Playing Mantis and then Flash Gordon as he looked in the Defenders of the Earth cartoon.

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