Yes Mego Month hasn’t exactly been a rousing success here at Infinite Hollywood, but we do have some breaking “Mego” news. 3A Toys, who’ve made some really cool toys through the years have just announced 3AGO!

3A Mego

What is 3AGO? Well it’s 3A’s version of 8 inch Mego figures. We don’t know what they’ll look like or what kind of articulation or design they’ll have. As is the norm with 3A, we may not know exactly what these figures are like until they’re shipped… But Ashley Wood has said he’s a big Mego fan and still collects them to this day.

If previous 3A products are any indication, they’re liable to be wild and perverse and unlike anything else currently being done in the Mego 8 inch format. 3AGO will also likely be super articulated and much more revolutionary than some of the toys we’re currently seeing in the land of Mego-like toys.

Thus far they’ve only unveiled the logo, but if you collect 3A figures, you know that they’re always top quality and not really conventional. We’ve reviewed some 3A stuff here at Infinite Hollywood (and I’ve got a backlog of other 3A stuff to review) but if you’re interested in seeing what they can do check out these reviews:

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