Welcome to Infinite Hollywood’s 31 Days of Halloween! All this month we’re going to celebrating October’s holiday with a spooktacular filled with macabre and mischief. We’ll review special figures with a Halloween theme as well as look at toys, games, costumes, TV and movies that relate to horror and All Hallow’s Eve.

Today I’m taking a look at some of the fun Halloween stuff that’s out at Target. It’s only October the 1st and already most retail stores are chocked full of Halloween goodies. Second only to Christmas, Halloween has more stuff at retail than anywhere. Just a few years ago it seems like Halloween was a small holiday and now it’s moved up to #2 thanks to all the stuff stores sell.

Target is particularly good at marketing Halloween with tons of awesome junk for you to buy. This is just a sampling of some of my recent finds. Some good, some bad and some just absurd.

First up we have what I would consider a pretty cool kids costume. This is of a generic werewolf. A lot of the time now we’re seeing kids costumes toned down so that they aren’t scary. When I was a kid you went trick-or-treating as a monster of some sort more often than not. So it’s good to see a violent monster costume for sale still.

You know, I’ve never been a werewolf for Halloween. I was the Big Bad Wolf once, but never a werewolf. My cousin had a cool werewolf costume one time many, many moons ago. It had glowing red eyes. This costume isn’t quite as good as that one was, but for $25 this is a pretty awesome and scary kids costume.

Next we have a Batman costume that sucks. Seriously, if you wore this you wouldn’t feel like Batman you’d feel like his new sidekick Corky. The goofy looking kid advertising it doesn’t help either. I like that it comes with a “Muscle chest” but that seems to be overdone these days.

Batman has to be one of the oldest costumes, dating back to the Ben Cooper days and yet they’ve never managed to make a decent kids Batman costume. I was Batman one year for Halloween and I had a pretty decent costume for a kids version, but I saw a lot of suck Batmans that year and it seems as though sucky Batman costumes still permeate the market.

Speaking of suck costumes, check out this GI Joe costume. Wearing this costume will get you beat up by the neighborhood kids. First off, why does wearing this costume make your kid have a giant head?! Seriously, look at the melon on that boy! I also have no idea what this costume is even supposed to be of. It shows Snake Eyes on the cover, but I’ll assume that’s supposed to be one of those Joe supersuits from the new movie. For $30 it’s an easy pass, get your kid the Werewolf costume instead.

Finally we have the best costume of the bunch… A Dog Karate costume! You can’t tell me that isn’t cool. Pretty sure it’s racist to some extent too, but it’s totally worth it to make your pooch look like Mr. Miyagi.

Elsewhere Target has their Halloween Domos out again. Last year Target had Domo all over their Halloween stuff, but this year he’s not as prevalent. These look to be the same as the ones last year, but they’re pretty cool. I may end up with another one. I bought one last year and this FrankenDomo looks pretty cool.

Finally, my favorite… A dancing Devil that gets jiggy with it to Mims “This is why I’m Hot”. Something about the way he boogies down just makes him an instant winner in my book. It doesn’t sound very loud here, but that thing was loud as hell (pun not intended) in the store. He’s got some real Jigglebilly moves on him.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow and all month long for special Halloween posts.

4 Responses to 31 Days of Ween – Day ONE

  • Gilltron says:

    Poor kid in the Bats costume!I know it doesn’t relate to the Halloween theme but Targets exclusive DC Universe Classics Public Enemies sub-line is expected to be on shelves within the next two weeks.

  • I’m actually looking forward to those PE figures. The new pics show they have sculpted boots and such that the others didn’t.

    I’m also hearing about a Wave 2, so it sounds like this isn’t a one shot deal.

  • Tom K. A. says:

    Halloween countdown. Can’t wait.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Domo – you’re so cute and evil at the same time – much like my cats. They had so much of that Domo stuff last year, candy, stuffed animals and what not — to the point you wanted to run off with the big Domo hanging from the ceiling. I haven’t even gotten into looking at the Halloween stuff yet, although we did try some new candy corn (I highly recommend at Wal-Mart – they have a bunch of really neat flavors – Carmel Apple was AWESOME!) Too bad we don’t dress up anymore for Halloween. I ramble. Blech.

    – Beth, the GF

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